Giving The Deaf Community A Good Hearing

I’ve realised that there are so many things I need to open my eyes to, so many things I am not aware of and together we need to raise awareness and help each other. Many topics posted on our blog will be things you can be involved with and change for the better if you choose to. If you don’t have the means to help out directly then you can repost a link to a topic you think needs to be addressed until it reaches the right hands. We want our blog to be a “feel-good” blog, like us, we want you to know you can make a difference. I just spoke with Saimina J Virmani, she’s the perfect example of how one person can make a big difference.
Saimina is the founder of the Lancashire law firm Joseph Frasier. Her firm is set to become the first practice in the country dedicated to providing legal services to the deaf and hard of hearing. It all began when she was approached by a deaf client who had been looking for representation for some time and had been turned away because other solicitors couldn’t communicate with her. In that time her situation escalated at which point she came to Joseph Frasier. Saimina realised how her clients disability had prevented her from seeking help when she needed it, and felt it was her duty to offer all her clients with the service they need. She explained, “As legal professionals we are trained to use the power of our advocacy and voice, but in working with deaf and hard of hearing clients, this has essentially been taken away from us.” The firm immediately began researching the problems the deaf and hard of hearing encounter when accessing legal services. The findings prompted her to get all fee-earners to learn British Sign Language which will be implemented on the webcam and Skype as well as using other helpful technologies such as Skype, MSN, text relay and Twitter to provide broader channels of communication with clients.

Joseph Frasier has launched a campaign  Representing Your Right to Be Heard  to help make legal services more accessible for the nine million deaf and hard of hearing people in the UK. I think it’s inspiring!!! If you are the owner of a company providing services, why not have one of your employees trained in sign language so your services can too cater to the deaf community.

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