My Diary Extract- 2/8/11 – A Blissful Day In London

Life is abundant with experiences and enriched with tastes of luxury but often the simplest things are the most sumptuous. I spent my afternoon lying in my hammock watching the sun filtering through the clouds. Each time a cloud gave way the sun washed its warm rays over my body as if giving me a hug. I was reading The Goddess Experience – Goddess Guide II in which Gisele Scanlon writes about her experiences while jotting down 1001 tips and micro-pleasures.
Micro-pleasures are small things that bring us a lot of joy. For me, bathing in sunshine is a micro-pleasure. I loved soaking up the sun as the butterflies distracted me by frolicking and fluttering from one place to another transforming every patch of grass they landed on into a beautiful picture. I wonder whether other people take time to appreciate the micro-pleasures that infest our lives.
People who believe they have ‘nothing’ need to look harder at what is around them. We are made with beautiful souls, we carry happiness and an inbuilt capacity to love infinitely. Often we block ourselves from loving wholly because we can’t appreciate the more subtle things. I hope you’ll take a moment to remember a micro-pleasure you encountered today and smile back at it 🙂

One thought on “My Diary Extract- 2/8/11 – A Blissful Day In London

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