My X Factor Audition


While everyone’s hyping about the X-factor I thought I’d share my experiences of it with you. I get a lot of comments on my Youtube video’s asking why I haven’t gone on X-factor and they think that I’m the next winner (thanks :). I have been on it, here’s my story…

Audition 1 was at the 02 Arena, there were about 20,000 people there and we queued from 6am till 5pm. It was the longest day of my life, first you queue outside till 12 although they tell you it will be till 10 and if you arrive after 9 you won’t be seen. The production staff begin telling you what to do and say so they can get the footage they need. You know at the beginning of the show they have thousands queuing and doing the X sign with their arms, screaming…that’s all acting and we were all told when to do it and to do it over and over till it was loud enough and enthusiastic enough. The production staff handed out signs to people saying “We love Simon” and “I’ve got the X Factor” it was unbelievable! Then we entered the Arena and it started again, they began filming us all telling us what to scream, to do Mexican waves and in that time we were not allowed to leave our seats even to go to the toilet. This lasted at least an hour and people began moaning after a while, we were told that if we don’t want to participate we shouldn’t be here and one guy was made an example of and told to leave. I felt like I was in a circus and I told my cousin who came with me that we should go because I wasn’t enjoying it and we’d already been there 8 hours. We agreed to give it another hour and shortly after the auditioning began.

There were little makeshift booths made with paper screens and they aren’t sound proof so you have to sing over the person in the booth next to you. The booth is less than 1 metre squared and you are in there with a random person who judges you while he/she is right in your face. It was weird, I didn’t like the fact that I had to stand so close to someone it was very uncomfortable but never the less adrenaline took over once my number was called. Rather then the standard handshake I greeted my judge with a hug shrieking how happy I was to finally have my turn to sing and I belted out If I Ain’t Got You. I got through, I know he was amused by my excitability I could tell. A girl who had queued with me all day had a fantastic voice, we practiced together and she had one of the most amazing voices I’ve heard, I immediately felt she would get through and be one of the final contestants. I could hear her singing while I was and she sounded amazing. I left the booth jumping up and down and I saw her sat outside crying, she didn’t get through. She told me she got really shy and stammered her words when he interviewed her but her singing was spot on and they said she wasn’t what they were looking for. She was distraught because she heard people getting through who couldn’t sing at all, I told her shes destined for better things and not to let one persons opinion influence her like that.

This got me thinking, she had a better voice then me but I proved myself to be a stronger character therefore this isn’t really a singing competition. I was a little disheartened and upset for that girl but in good spirits ‘cause I got through so I ran back to my cousin and we jumped around with my ticket into the next audition. I sat down waiting for another friend to finish and I looked around. I saw the judges crossing out tearful people’s numbers on their sticker when they didn’t make it and other people running out jumping around like I was. I thought to myself how many people have been upset today, some probably couldn’t sing but others were fantastic and I could imagine how disappointed they must feel. I thought of all the people who were excited like me and realised that the reality is that of this full stadium of people they will all be disappointed at some stage because there is only one winner and that winner might not be in this audition and that was shocking to think. This show makes 199,999 people sad and one person happy all for entertainment. Granted, it gives people a platform to be heard and the opportunity to perform to the nation which is any singers dream but ultimately everyone will lose except one.

Audition 2 was at the Emirates stadium, Jedward were in my group and this other really annoying guy who couldn’t sing at all and told me he was there to be on TV. We were told that anyone who accompanies us must wear exactly the same outfit as us (lucky Jedward), I took my dad and cousin and my dad wasn’t about to wear a purple dress so we just all wore purple and hoped it would be ok. Thankfully everyone else ignored that request as well, well not everyone you had a few clowns there and they were the ones being interviewed by the camera’s. So 6 hours later I got auditioned, this time in a room with three random judges. I had two women and a man, I felt it went well and was feeling confident. The two women immediately said it was great and handed a golden slip to the man. The man put his pen to the ticket and as he did that he asked me what my family do. I explained that both my parents are self employed and he said “so you’re from a successful background” I replied that my parents came to the UK with nothing and they both worked extremely hard to get to where they were and instilled the same moral’s in me, that I must work hard to be successful. The women smiled at me but the man said “you’re not what we’re looking for”. I tried to switch on the waterworks, It’s worked for so many on the show but I couldn’t cry so I asked him why? He said, “You haven’t got what it takes.” I shrugged, the women began whispering to the man, I know I’m biased but I’m sure they were trying to convince him to say yes. I stood there and waited for the final verdict “it’s a no”. I felt disappointed but I knew it wasn’t about the singing, I didn’t have the sob story they were after. I would have liked to at least get to the televised stages (that would be the one after this) part of me felt a little relieved because it’s not an easy process and it definitely isn’t fun, all the excitement and screaming is just acting. As I left the room I saw the annoying guy who wanted to be on TV, he came and told me he got through which annoyed me but I smiled and congratulated him while I was thinking “seriously would people rather watch you then hear me” LOL.

Don’t think that the judges are really shocked when those awful singers come out, they went through three auditions to be there and they were chosen. They choose well though, they are my highlights of the X factor haha. You know those people who are terrible singers but they really believe they are great and then start crying when the judges tell them they sound like a cat being strangled. You think “why are they shocked, they’re awful” its because they got through three auditions and the producers make them feel they are great. It’s sad how they play with people’s feelings.

I take my hat off to every contestant because it’s hard work and its very nerve wracking. I didn’t find it enjoyable; I felt it took the fun out of singing. I like singing to entertain not to be judged and it felt horrible. I knew I would never do it again, it was an interesting experience but not one I’d ever repeat.

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