Ethnic Cleansing Of The Rohingya In Burma

Been wanting to blog about this for a while now. I don’t even think most of you are aware of what is going on in Burma at the moment due to the lack of media coverage, while the media are focussing on 1 person who died here and 14 people who died there (which I believe is also important) I don’t understand why any mainstream media have failed to cover more than 30,000 people brutally slaughtered  in Burma through Ethnic cleansing.

Oppression of the Rohingya has been going on for the last 17 years although even in the 1700’s the Muslims in that region fled to British Bengal for protection so it has been an ongoing issue for centuries. The UN call them the most persecuted minorities in the world yet WHERE ARE THE UN NOW? The Rohingya are Muslim people living in their “homeland” Burma where they are being brutally raped, burned and slaughtered by the Rakhine Buddhists for being muslim. There are videos of the Buddhists asking children to convert to Buddhism and when they say no the monks slaughter them or burn them alive (type Burma Massacre into google Images but be prepared for some very disgusting images that you will never forget). There are pictures of babies being burned in a pile, pictures of children being chopped in half…they are on a killing spree, literally killing any muslims in sight.  The Rohingya are trapped, they have tried to flee to neighbouring Bangladesh who have kept guards along the coast refusing them entry so even the ones who get away die on open waters through starvation. No country had come to their aid until today! Turkey has gone in to try and help the situation.

I hope when you read this you are not forming opinions about Buddhists the way that people formed opinions about Muslims after 9/11. That is not what I am setting out to do, these Buddhists are not even Buddhists as just like Islam their religion is a peaceful one. Just like muslim terrorists they are a few individuals going against their religion and I’m sure other Buddhists who follow their religion correctly are ashamed of them.

I know you think you can’t make a difference but you can! There are petitions circulating in your local mosques which you can sign and will be shown to our government to send aid and give the situation more media coverage. I found this one online

Share this blog to help spread word of what is happening. You can watch a video here and here that will tell you more and just google it, there’s plenty out there but be prepared for some very disturbing images

Hope you sign the petition and be a part of a change for the better, you CAN save lives

Love Zohra x

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