Explore. Dream. Discover

I believe to live fully we must take chances and explore the paths that lead to discovery. Doing things out of your comfort zone are real experiences – doing things that make you feel things that you have never felt before. I am completely living my life for this moment and I feel gratitude and love every single day which in turn breeds real happiness in the pit of my soul. Gratitude is very important, it is what makes the divide between a fleeting moment and a treasured experience because you take time to look back on it with appreciation.

Take a moment in your day to do something completely random whether it be high fiving a stranger or booking a flight to somewhere you can’t imagine being. That buzz you feel is positive energy which will resonate throughout your day as long you keep smiling back at that moment and once you fill your life with that positive energy you will invite your dreams to you. Happy Friday!

Love Zohra xx

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