Givenchy Best Beauty Buys

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of freelance work for different beauty brands so I thought I would blog about my top products that each of them have. Summers here and its the time of the year where we all pay a little more attention to our beauty regime so I thought I’d tell you which products I thought really worked.

Lips: Summers all about being hydrated and nothing looks worse then dry cracked lips. Givenchys lip products are all made with a moisturising base so the lipsticks dont leave cracked lines instead they keep your lips nice and moist and the range of colours are great. My favourite is the secret pink and fantasy pink rouge interdit lipsticks (£21). My favourite products are the gelee d’interdit glosses (£19), They aren’t sticky..i know its hard to believe but have a try next time your instore and I particularly like the coral frenzy and the no.4! The hydrasparkling lip and cheek tint always flies out, I love its ability to change tone to suit you and how it develops with heat but I think £20.50 is a little too much for a teeny tiny pot and the thing is its a balm that you want to apply all day so it doesn’t really last long but if you can afford it why not!

Complexion: The Eclat Mattisme foundation is AMAZING! It mattifies while giving you radiance so you dont have that chalky caked on look that other mattifying foundations give you. It looks natural but gives you great coverage and its got the all important sun protection (factor 20!!) Thats everything you want and more from a foundation. Their concealer, Mr Light, is great if your fair skinned but the range for darker tones is rubbish 😦 They look like touche eclat (YSL) but are a lot more creamy giving way better coverage, an anti-fatigue formula AND factor 15! My favourite is the prism libre loose powder, it is AMAZING and although its £33.50 the tub is HUGE so will last ages and gives your skin a silky smooth finish.

I was lucky enough to use Le Soin Noir (£240) It is a cream made with black algae that feels more like a serum. It is black in colour and gives your skin a beautiful luminescence while hydrating it and feeding it with anti aging properties and restorative minerals (mostly natural). I used it for 2 weeks and yes it was a nice cream with a lovely texture but for £240  I was expecting A to become Angelina Jolie but it didnt give me the extreme makeover I hoped for haha. I’m sure I can buy 10 from a different brand that do the same thing (Bodyshop Vitamin C range..AMAZINGG haha). If you happen to buy Givenchy products you can ask for a free sample worth £42 and decide for yourself.

I was always a fan of Givenchy fragrances and wore Very Irresistable for years but I have now converted to Hot Couture EDT.

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