Junk Food = Poison

My bro just sent me a link to the video below, I remember in New York meeting a dentist and her husband and we were randomly talking about how Americans have so much flouride in their tap water and how its so harmful  to people and makes them dosile and controllable. This is a way the government can poison people and its not just America, all sorts of food that is readily available to buy everywhere is full of poisons. Diet drinks, crisps, chewing gum…allsorts!This video is shocking and I hope it opens your eyes. Why do you hear of so many more people getting cancer then when you were younger? Because there ARE more and its because we all eat and drink the wrong things without even questioning what is inside it. Please watch this video and share it with people : Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed by scientist Alex Jones

He mentions about the findings of Silly Putty in chicken nuggets…as in that dough stuff that we used to play with and that led to the discovery of this video of how Mcdonalds can be left out for 180 days and it will look the same…it doesn’t rot …YUCK. I know you might think this is an extreme blog lol but you can actually go buy a happy meal and try it yourself to find out if its true or not. This is the results of an experiment conducted by someone to see how a Mcdonalds happy meals appearance would change over 6 months…it will shock you. And here is a video to demonstrate.

I hope this opens yours eyes and you share it with the people you care about 🙂

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