My New York Guide

So I thought I’d share some of the places I’d recommend going to if your planning a trip to New York…

If you wanna shop, head to 5th Avenue to fulfil all your shopping needs, I went to the huge Guess, Sephora, Forever 21, Michael Kors…they have EVERYTHING! For trainers Footlocker’s the same prices as everywhere else but they have a bigger selection or if you wanna make your own Nike’s head to Niketown on 6th and 57th. 5th Avenue’s got a few cute boutiques as does Soho and Chinatown, they also have some pretty cool vintage shops, ones called Cheap Jack’s on 5th. Unfortunately I can’t pull the vintage stuff off and it creeps me out cause someone might have died in it but I always look just cause its fascinating! So 5th has all the latest fashion hot off the catwalk but if you head to the outlets they have some amazing stuff too. I went to the New Jersey Garden Mall which I would recommend, I picked up a pair of $400 boots from Saks for $80 which made me verrrrrry happy 🙂 Thats like £60 and they’re real suede with a Fur trim…how can you go wrong? Opposite ground zero is a shop called 21st century, full of designer stuff at great prices, you’ve gotta go there. I didn’t know what it was and it says on the big iron doors “America’s best kept secret” so I curiously wandered in only to find the beautiful smell of leather bags and shoes greet me.

Lets move on to food…before I went to the US I was on this diet where I was only eating freshly prepared food, even all my sauces were freshly made so when I got to NY I had to leave that diet behind because fresh food is pretty hard to come by if you’re on the go! They have sooo many Deli’s but the sandwiches are douzed in all kinds of sauces and cheese which is like saucey cheese its not even real cheese. We went to some of the big chains like Houlihans and Hard Rock where everything just tasted processed and junky so I wasn’t impressed.

If you wanna enjoy some real good food go to the little independent restaurants. Lime Jungle was a great mexican restaurant on 9th Avenue in the Hell’s Kitchen region, it was yummy and they had a sauce bar where they have like all different salsa’s and dips that they make there. Hell’s Kitchen had a lot of choice of restaurants that all looked good. Another place we went to was called Spur Tree in Delancey, it was what they call Soul food with a twist. Jamaican food with a Japanese twist, it was delicious and the place had a really cool vibe, the DJ was spinning old school RnB so it couldn’t get much better. we were taken there by some friends we met so I guess if the locals hang out there its gotta be good. On our last night we went to a seafood/sushi buffet at IchiUmi, highly priced for a buffet at $38 but they literally had a selection of about 100 different fish and sushi and also a huge variety of oysters and crabs so it was definately worth it. I tried my 1st oyster…I will not be doing that again hahaha my bro videod the whole thing so i’ll upload it at some point its pretty funny…
The pizza in New York was great in most places, its the most common food with at least 2 on each block, we had a great pizza downstairs in the Rocafella centre. If you pass an Outback Steak House the fillet steak sandwich was amazing…like the best sandwich I’ve ever had. New York has food for everyone so if you only eat Halal or Kosher or Vegetarian food you’ll still be spoilt for choice!

Meat Packing district and Delancey are good for bars and clubs and I really enjoyed the East Village, people are really friendly there and its a really lively area not to mention its where Carrie lives in SATC 🙂

Must-see’s are the top of the Empire State, we went just before sunset so we got some great views of day night and sunset and its amazing how it looks like a different city in each light. We booked a tour package and we went uptown, downtown, brooklyn the night tour and the boat cruise and you get tickets for a few things included. You need a minimum of three days to do those tours and even thats not enough if you wanna get off and see things, 10 days was not nearly enough in NY, although we saw everything from outside we never got to explore the museums and a lot of uptown. We went to a great comedy show in the Comedy Club, you can get tickets from guys on the street in Times Square for cheap, make sure they have badges on and they will try and charge you face value which is $20 each however you can half this and get 2 tickets for $20 for an almost 3 hour show!! well worth it!
I absolutely loved Times Square, we went there every day coz it just doesn’t get boring 🙂 theres always things happening and you can just get a coffee and sit in the middle of it gawping because its so vibrant and exciting haha. The outlet in New York costs $50 by bus to get to and its expensive inside there however you can get a return to the New Jersey Garden Mall for $15 and it has some real bargains and amazing stuff. Well thats everything I can remember for now, I can’t wait to go back there and explore the uptown area where they have all the jazz bars and the Apollo where so many legends have played.

Till next time,

Zohra x

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