Carolina Herrera Spring/Summer

Carolina Herrera’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection was page stopping! I tend to flick through fashion mags but when I saw this collection I literally stopped and took it all in for a good few minutes. I saw this outfit and was in awe of every element. The gorgeous crepe material drops beautifully and the 3-ply pleats in the skirt are cut to perfection. I love the unusual colour combination of the sea foam shirt with the opal skirt, it inspired me to create a whole board of pastels teamed with greys as after looking everywhere I realised this combination is rare but too gorgeous not to draw from. The sequinned collar and belt are the icing on the cake that just draw it all together, finishing it off perfectly. This outfit screams sophistication and elegance, its so clean cut but remains soft and playful with the embellishment and soft fabric. I went on her site so I could see the full collection and it is stunning. The way she marries different fabrics in one piece while keeping it super chic is amazing, she combines wools, crepes, georgettes and chiffons and usually when we think of layers we think of winter but she layers fabrics so delicately for the spring/summer!

You can view the full collection at



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