Choose to be Happy!

Sometimes we feel like life is spiralling out of control, grab the reigns back and decide to live life on your terms. I literally woke up one day and thought “I have spent far too many hours/days upset and unhappy and today I am going to make a change because I deserve to be HAPPY” and since that day I made sure I was (well I try with things that ARE in my control). Many of you know how my 2012 went, it was one thing after another and I spent hours wondering why? wondering how I will ever be ok again…all these questions…they are what mess you up. Things happen..dont ask why, we all lose people we all get hurt and we all suffer because thats life and those things make us stronger and thats all we need to know. When you ask questions you make yourself a victim “why me? why them? etc” you wanna know why and you wanna know how but the longer you spend in that place the worse things get. I…I wasnt even me anymore and it was time to get myself back, what good were all these thoughts doing, when was the last time I did something to make my life better, to make myself happy…I realised I caused this and I had had enough! We cause our sadness just like we cause our happiness…it CLICKED, if instead I spent all that time doing things I liked, things that made me smile, things that made me HAPPY then instead I’d be HAPPY…DUH!

Shit happens, it was time to move on, Sometimes guilt stops us because we think it hasnt been enough time or we dont deserve to be happy yet but whatever it felt right and I decided to LIVE again. Since then I start everyday laughing, I have a rule that I will not get out of bed until I’ve at least smiled and I find things to make me laugh. YouTube videos, pictures, pins (pinterest) and I try to share mine so others wake up smiling too. Sometimes I set my alarm as a song I like and I wake up dancing…which is always fun Haha. If i feel a day has been uneventful or boring I do something new so that it wasnt a waste of a day. I have surrounded myself with a new bunch of people because I realised lots of people completely drained me and thats not how friendships are supposed to be. Your supposed to make each other happy not be someones support constantly. I never got back the old me, this me is by far the best me I ever been (MA) hahaha. I have wonderful things going on in my life, lots of amazing new opportunities, Im surrounded by amazing people and I live 100% in the moment because if 2012 taught me anything its that you dont get moments back so make sure you are present in each one so that you have no regrets.

People over complicate life, its so simple. Don’t wait around for people to come and cheer you up, help yourself! You have the power to help yourself, people can comfort you but when they leave… your back in your hole. Don’t even talk about the negatives, eliminate them and instead talk about all the amazing things that are happening, let those things define you not all the bad stuff, YOUR life is crappy when you choose to focus on crappy stuff because that’s all you see and all others see. The law of attraction says that you speak your reality, obviously whatever you convey is what you and others perceive your life to be. Enrich your life, do things you love, take risks, challenge yourself and realise you can do more then you imagined. If you do everything within your power to stay happy you will have a bank of amazing moments to pull you up when your down. Make the CHOICE to be happy 🙂 Make the CHOICE to look for a positive lesson in the negative things that happen, make the choice to spread happiness and most of all be grateful for those moments so that you smile a second time when you look back on them!!
Lots of love
Zohra xxx

2 thoughts on “Choose to be Happy!

  1. You’re so right! I got bored of feeling low so I decided to do something about it, I took photos – I made myself take at least one photo a day of something I enjoyed or was proud of. This started with small things like getting out of bed before midday but soon grew to more exciting things. As soon as you put your mind to something you’ll find its easier! X

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