There was quite a buzz in the air before Ezra’s show commenced. I expected drama and embellishments typical of his style. Knowing that his collection was inspired by the great architect Gaudi, I imagined winged dresses incorporating Ezra’s muted elegance and calculated aesthetics in every hemline of his creations. I loved the boldness of this particular dress and it spoke what I was thinking.


The show was well choreographed by Ariel Lozada, the opening music was classical and beautiful and set the mood for the luxe evening dresses and adorned wedding gowns that were about to grace the runway. The way the material flowed on some pieces and the stunning back detail had the audience mesmerised. These were some of my favourites:


The Final Piece was a stunning red tulle wedding dress with wool embroidered swarovski crystals. It was breathtaking and I loved how they brought out the black and white/creme dresses first and then had the red dresses come in amongst them. Ezra was my other favourite, I felt his and Michael Cinco’s collection were on a different level to the others. They were the highlights of my Fashion Forward experience!


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