Remembering the Last Goodbye…

I have been trying to remember how we said our last goodbye, whether I ran out because I was in a hurry or whether I took a moment to sit with her and appreciate that I might not see her for a while…I don’t remember the last moment I had with her but I remember many moments. Always asking how everyone is doing, alway sending everyone love, always smiling through the pain and grateful for whatever she had. Her beautiful green eyes were  windows into her soul, oozing kindness and  wisdom. We were her happiness, ALL of her happiness was US because the rest had withered with time. She was captured by her body for too long and her soul yearned for freedom.

She is finally free…although we are imprisoned in the darkness of her empty shadow, in time it will be light, and we have to remember that she is free.

Don’t take people for granted, live every moment as if its your last x

Rock Chic

Rock Chic
I created this look by combining harsh and delicate textiles. The Andrew Gn Brown and White Bow Tie Top combined with the leather trousers and gold chunky bracelet create a mixture of strong and subtle statements, its all in the detail…

Zohra x

Andrew Gn white top

Amen bandeau top

Witchery slim jeans
$74 –

Giuseppe Zanotti peep toe bootie heels

Bracelet bangle

Reinhard plank

Ilia mascara

Mulberry Willow Tote


Since its fashion week catwalk debut in 2012, The Mulberry Willow collection has grown and the new collection features my favourite one yet – THE EMERALD WILLOW! This leather beauty is all about its structure, simplicity and attention to detail. I love that this bag is a two in one as it features a clever zip-detached envelope clutch fulfilling two multi-wear functions in one style. You can wear the Tote during the day and detach the clutch for a night out. The structured Willow Tote features the signature Mulberry hardware; postman’s lock, zips and a padlock fob.

I love the details, range of colours and I love that its simple yet multi-functional, definitely my fave bag this season!!


Kate Moss Spotted Detaching her Willow Clutch

Love this look by Blake Lively


I remember when this shoot was published in 2011, I loved this look and the thing with wearing classic fashion is, it’s timeless, and this is still beautiful. A chic white chiffon polka-dot blouse, with white jeans set of by those red hot Louis Vuittons…perfection! Blake Lively is definitely one of my favourite style icons

“I don’t have a Stylist because my style represents the way I’m feeling that day” – Blake Lively

Always wear things because you want to, not because others do!