Are You Really Happy?

Yesterday one of my aunts said I should go back to my spiritual writing and sharing my simple life lessons. I still write them I just haven’t shared in a while so here are a few pages of my June 2013 diary to feast on…

Sometimes its important to stop and take a minute to analyse your life – work, love and your social life. Do you feel any of these areas could be more fulfilling? Often people just blindly carry on, they are comfortable and getting by…is that enough? Sometime we have to lose someone to realise the value of life, if your life was ending tomorrow would you be happy with the way you lived?

We need to understand that happiness has various degrees, some happiness has no depth. The moment you stop smiling, your happiness fleets and you are back to a monotonic empty way of life. Is it enough that you laugh a couple of times a day? How do you feel when you are alone? Often when we are alone we can determine how we truly feel because we have no outside influences. You should be happy in your own company, I know people who can’t stand to be alone. Often when we are alone we feel the reality of this emptyness in our lives. I’ve felt it before too and I remember it being horrible. With happiness comes security, when you are happy within yourself you don’t care what others think. A friend of mine called me the other day and asked what I was doing, I said I’m at Ski Dubai, skiing. She was SHOCKED, “your alone? What if you fall?” I did fall! I laughed and got back up haha. I  enjoy my own company, that particular day I just wanted to enjoy skiing so I didn’t feel it necessary to ask anyone to come with me. I know there were times when I would have never considered doing something like that because when your not happy in yourself other peoples opinions matter because you’re insecure. You don’t want people to judge you or think your a loner or whatever but when your happy, you know who you are and thats all that matters. People who judge me by something like that have no place in my life anyway. I have great friends and family and they are who matter to me “those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind (Bernard Baruch)”

Decisions are scary…we all avoid decisions that lead to change because of a fear of the unknown, but taking that plunge may be the best thing you do.

If you work a job you hate, why not look at other options? If you hate where you live…why not make a viable plan to move? I don’t get why people think its bizarre to just up and leave…this is a time when things are very possible, its not like you have to arrange a horse and cart, or boat to move overseas (thats what my granparents had to do, that would be a way harder choice but still…you gotta do what you gotta do!) you can just hop on a plane!

If you are in a relationship that you think is unbalanced or one sided or you are just comfortable…why settle? We only have one life! As I wrote the other day “Unless its mad, passionate or extraordinary love, its a waste of your time. There are too many mediocre things in life, love shouldn’t be one of them!”
Its ok to have high standards, its ok to expect everything to be wonderful because as long as you believe in it, it will materialise. I’m not saying its easy but nothing thats really worth it is and I always fight for what I believe in. Quitting your job or leaving someone you love, can leave you shrouded in darkness, but YOU need to find the light again. Just stay focussed on a picture of the job/friend circle/relationship you want and slowly you will make changes to make that situation materialise (the law of attraction).

The people who regret decisions are those who keep looking back at what they left behind (I’ve been there too!) If you feel depressed, think about what you have done to change your life in a positive way. What steps are YOU taking to enrich your life with happiness? Our degree of happiness depends on US. Don’t blame others, nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent!

If you think you deserve a wonderful life, make a decision and follow through!


3 thoughts on “Are You Really Happy?

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