Born Yesterday – Sia

A Refreshing Makeover

ImageI had 15 minutes to give Layan a quick makeover. She wanted something natural and fresh so I decided to stick with a pink dewy palette.

I began by applying L’oreals Truematch Foundation in D/W5 Gold Sand, I usually apply with a foundation brush and blend out with a flat Kabuki or Stipler but as I was pressed for time I went straight in with the Kabuki. I then took a light shade from Pixi’s neutralising kit and brushed it down the centre of the nose and under the eyes just to brighten and slightly contour. I sealed it in by patting Givenchy’s Loose Powder Prism Libre in Sweet Caramel, powders absorb excess product and keep the foundation matt allowing it to last longer.

I used Topshops Glow Pot in Shade Gleam to highlight under the brow with a Pencil Brush. Then I put Urban Decay’s Tainted eyeshadow shade all over the eyelid and added shade Deeper into the crease of the eye making the eyes bigger and more defined. I took a gel liner with a eyeliner brush and applied it along the lash line. I didn’t go over it with a liquid liner as I wanted to keep it as natural as possible. I finished the eyes with 2 layers of Clinique’s black Mascara.

I applied Givenchys lip liner in shade no.1 and then coloured in the lip with Lancome’s colour fever shine in 306. These lipsticks are really moisturising and have a glossy finish, not too shiny but just a little dewy to give you that fresh fuller lip.

Then I took my Large Angled Contour Brush and applied M.A.C’s Bronzing Powder in limited edition shade Solar Riche in the hollows of the cheeks to contour. I applied Benefits Coralista above the hollow on the cheek bone and then a touch of Bobbi Browns Shimmer Brick just above the Cheekbone to highlight and add another dimension. This is great to do on rounder faces as it gives you a more chiselled look.

Layans fresh and dewy look is complete πŸ™‚

Reflecting By The Pool



As I lay by the pool, the echoes of Jamie Woon played through my headphones while I read,

“Camus once said that “Real generosity towards the future consists in giving all to what is present’ well that’s exactly what I did. I knew I had to change so I decided to listen to my heart and do it in a very dramatic way. My life became so much simpler when I left the baggage of my past behind. The moment I stopped chasing the big pleasures of life, I began to enjoy the little ones, like watching the stars dancing in the moonlit sky or soaking in the sunbeams of a glorious summer morning. And India is such an intellectually stimulating place that I rarely thought of all that I had left. (…) Every event has a purpose and every setback its lesson. I have realised that failure, whether of the personal, professional or even spiritual kind, is essential to personal expansion. It brings inner growth and a whole host of psychic rewards. Never regret your past, rather embrace it for the teacher that it is” (The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari)

I put the book down and watched the breeze form ripples in the water as I reflected on my personal journey. These words reinforced lessons I had learnt during my time in India. Life isn’t perfect for anyone, we all have our ups and downs but I believe the way we deal with our lows enhances our capacity to really enjoy those highs and make them last. Remember, “there are no stars without darkness”. Crappy times make you appreciate the good times πŸ™‚ The more you experience the more you grow.

I also believe in taking time out to appreciate the micro-pleasures in life, in fact I blogged about it around 2 years ago (You can read it by clicking here). I think this is a wonderful tool for getting yourself back to a high frequency. I think of human emotion as frequencies, when you are happy you vibrate on a high frequency and when you are sad you don’t vibrate at all or worse…you give out negative vibrations. I used to consciously try to take time out for micro pleasures but now it is second nature to me. If I’m out and I see a beautiful sunset or scene I will stop to enjoy it and take pictures, If I’m having a bubble bath I will light a candle to make it feel like even more of a treat, if someone does something small that enhanced my day I will take a moment to write them a little note, thank them or smile or whatever (it’s the little things). Gratitude is so important to getting you back on a high frequency because you’re focussing on everything you have. Most people on a low-frequency choose to focus on what they don’t have…as a result they get even less.

Never think that because of a series of unfortunate events, your life is doomed. The more you say “Whats next” the more life will keep throwing you curveballs. And DON’T keep talking about it to people. Do you have that one friend who has been in the same crappy situation forever (or maybe you are that friend)? No matter what you tell them they just can’t get out of this whirlwind of a life that they are literally drowning in. That friend is probably your moaniest of friends, they tell everyone the same sad story and you know what…THEY are making it the focus of their life and so is every person they tell so guess what, its gonna get worse. Have a person you tell if you need to but realise the more people you tell the more negative vibrations you are putting out there. Realise you can’t change the past, your present situation is what you have so pick yourself up and say “things can only get better”. Focus on micro-pleasures, they will get you back to some kind of positive frequency and talk about those instead of bad things you’ve experienced. Slowly you will begin to attract better things into your life if you focus on whats good!

I know this may not be plausible for everyone but…I would also highly recommend a trip to India lol the Yoga and Meditation retreat literally changed my life. If not India take some time out to go somewhere alone where you can walk amongst nature and build a picture of your happy future that you can start working on when you get back.

Don’t think about the past, its done! Forgive, forget and focus on your amazing future πŸ™‚

Love Zohra x

Mint With A Silver Lining

Mint With A Silver Lining

I follow a blog called The Nail Luxxe and she posted a similar look yesterday (Click Here) so I was feeling inspired and decided to just change the base colour to this minty green. I love this colour, its nice and cool in this hot Dubai summer and I love how she made her silver tips a really thin line rather then a full french tip. There’s so many inspiring nail looks online, why not find some inspiration and play around with colour?!

Sahareej Designs

Sahareej designs is a Middle East based Fashion Boutique owned by Lina Emam. Β At just 22 years old, she explained that she had an interest in designing since she was a little girl. Her fashion designer dreams started when she used to make clothes for her Barbie’s! Of Yemeni and Ukranian origin, she uses this mix of cultures to incorporate in her designs. Her clothes appeal to the Middle Eastern market as although very modern her clothes are conservative and perfect for the hijabista’s of Dubai!

We were eager to know what inspires her, “My main inspiration is books . I read a novel before going to bed and in the morning designs just come to my mind . I don’t like to inspire designs from big brands like Chanel or Dior , that is what most Emirati designers do . It is wrong , you can not call yourself a designer if you take other’s ideas . My latest collection for example was inspired from a book ( The Old Man And The Sea ) so I used pearls and shells in many designs.”

She has a shop in Aden City, Yemen and also displays her collections at MA Fashion Boutique in Jumeirah 1 (behind Dubai Zoo) Alternatively you can shop her designs on Facebook (CLICK HERE) until her website is up and running.

We found Lina inspirational, following her dreams and making a name for herself at 22! Here is one of our favourite Summer outfits by Sahareej.