Kerbing Your Desires

I am definitely still learning this lesson but I am getting better. I went shopping yesterday and before heading to the checkout I did ask myself if I really need each item and ended up putting half of them back. I’ve realised of my 60-70 pairs of shoes I wear around 10 pairs of them, the others I will wear to a wedding or an event once in 6 months or a year.

I have been shopping in a different way now, I only buy versatile items, things that I can wear with a lot of combinations. If I can’t think of 5 ways to wear it by the time I have to pay, I put it back because I know it will just be neglected and for the first time in my life I am never stuck for what to wear! I have a lot of key pieces that fit perfectly (that’s another thing, only buy things that look amazing on you) and endless combinations, a lot of it is simple just with nice detail and I dress it up or down with accessories. I remember when I would buy things just because they were nice or unusual and I would figure out a way to wear it and then your wardrobe is just full of all these “maybe” items, if you just buy things you love on you that are versatile you will have a wardrobe of endless possibilities πŸ™‚ I love clearing out my wardrobe, I always ask “would someone love this more then I do” and then give it away to charity, then your left with things you really love to wear and you’ve also made a difference to someone else’s life!

Accessories are my downfall, I really don’t need any more but I am always convincing myself that I do. I’m big into statement pieces and I feel you can only make the same statement so many times so I buy more for variety but …I definitely need to accumulate less! I know its just #firstworldproblems…BUT this quote translates over many issues, the key is to live simply.

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