Reflecting On 2013


Gosh! Can’t believe its New Years Eve already, 2013 another year full of ups and downs but I think I’m learning to deal with the downs better, and focus on the ups! Arnhem, Amsterdam, Toronto, Vancouver, New York, London, Dubai, Oman(hahaha). A few weddings, engagements, new babies, new opportunities for me, Zizzle reached new heights and a lot of amazing moments shared with my favourite people. Was a better year then 2012 but had its share of challenges and another big loss 😦 I think I have definitely changed the way I live, I think the most valuable lesson in losing people is to never take anyone for granted. I try to live everyday as if its my last and also treat people as if its their’s, not in a morbid way lol but just in the sense that I take more opportunities and I think twice about my actions, if someone needs me I will literally exhaust every option before saying no. I think sometimes I suffer for that, I am definitely a stronger person then I used to be but I am just as sensitive. I suppose we all have expectations and often people let us down or take advantage of us and it hurts. 2012 taught me how to release negative people in my life but I think this year I have learned that even positive people can have negative influences on us and that its OK to just say “no” sometimes.

I have always been taught to see the best in people to the point where I have brought strangers into my home to help them out. I grew up watching my parents do that, I remember when I was a kid, a family on our road went on holiday and came back to a flooded house, the children of that family went to my school and I went and told my parents what had happened and without thinking twice they came with me and invited them to stay with us, ever since they have been like family to us. People are always telling me I’m too naive and I should change because people take advantage of that but I could never change, it is a core belief of mine that as humans we are equipped to help and support each other. I believe that no matter what our backgrounds, we all have so much to give each other and to learn. Many people don’t realise that by helping others we often gain more from it then they do, not only do we grow through sacrifice but we grow through just simply understanding someone and their circumstances. We gain different perspectives, we only live once and there isn’t enough time to experience everything so sometimes we have to live through others. I suppose for every 5 or 6 people you help, one may take advantage of you but even through that you grow and it shouldn’t stop you it should just teach you to implement limits with people. There are so many atrocities taking place in the world, the news makes me sick, we are all capable of making a change. Just simple things like sending your unwanted clothes to victims of disasters, sending a little money to buy them basic necessities and if not that then at least just lending a helping hand to your neighbours or friends. If we all just took a little more time to make a change imagine what a difference that would make. Lets say 1000 people read this post and all of you did something to help a person you know…that is 1000 peoples lives improved. People are always telling me I can’t change the world but I can and so can you, maybe only in a small way but if we all change it in a small way it will make a BIG difference.

For the first time…maybe since my childhood I felt settled and at home and really happy with my life when I moved to Dubai but even in just a few months it got stagnant. I call it the curse of the Aries “Making things happen is what it’s all about to these folks. Aries are also unafraid of stepping onto new terrain. The challenge inherent in taking on the unknown is heaven on Earth for Rams.” I’m craving an adventure so I’m moving to Peru in two weeks and I’m so excited! I think challenging ourselves is healthy and personal growth is endless, I’m young and wild and free for now, so I might as well make the most of it while I can haha.

Instead of a New Years Resolution, I have made an affirmation, I used to do them for you daily but its been a while so I will remind you, say or write the affirmation at least 3 times every morning/night until it is programmed in your brain. If that is too time consuming just reflect on it in your free time or carry it around as a pick me up in your wallet and read it when you feel you need to recentre:

This is a brand new year, a fresh start for me and a chance to replenish positivity in my life and release negativity. I will wake up every morning thinking happy thoughts or watching videos that make me smile. I am blessed for my amazing circle of people who love me and will make time to show them that they are appreciated. I will fully use my resources to help as many people as I can this year, to improve lives by words, charity or even just a simple smile. I will only use my voice to make a change for the better. I will spend time dwelling on great moments and lessons learned but release things that hurt me. I will love without sacrificing myself. I will live healthily and avoid things that are harmful to me. I will laugh loudly, love wholly and live heartily. I will embrace everything that comes my way because I know I am equipped to deal with it! Woooooooo bring on 2014!!

One thought on “Reflecting On 2013

  1. You always write just what I need to hear and your posts change my life in a positive way daily. Wishing you a very Happy New Year, Stephy x

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