The suits in Suits …and Harv

What’s in a name? Everything…The suits worn in the series Suits make half the show, the other half is the man wearing the suit, Harvey Specter. From the moment I started watching, I knew those wide curved lapels had Tom Ford’s name written all over them. Harv (as I like to call him) takes power dressing to a different level, his look just screams “Bawss!”. His beautiful physique obviously contributes as Ford is notorious for that impeccable body skimming cut.

There are very few things more attractive than a man in an immaculate 3 piece, he opts for 2 buttons over the more conventional 3, razor sharp trousers with a flat front and a single pinched pleat is just the icing on the cake. Obviously it’s his swag too, the one liners, the fact that he’s the best at what he does and that he has those sentimental moments beneath his beautifully toned exterior.

The casino episode was my favourite, the only thing that can beat a perfect suit is a perfect tux. His diamond tipped bow-tie demanded attention and those details are what give him his edge. He always completes his suits with his trademark Windsor knot and his cutaway collars zone in on his perfectly centred tie dimple (and of course his face). You can tell the fabrics are Italian because of the quality, you never see the outline of his tie under his collar, when he’s not sporting Ford he’s in Canali, Brioni or Hugo Boss. He has definitely earned his style icon status!

I know he’s not real but I think I love him…can you tell? here’s some of my favourite pictures:

download (1) download images (1) images (2) images (3) images (4) images (5) images (6) images suits-usa-640

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