Live A Life That Makes You Happy


Often we put so much pressure on ourselves to achieve goals that we forget to live in the moment and enjoy the journey rather then just trying to reach a destination. There’s no point having a happy ending unless the story is worth reading. I meet too many people just blindly trying to reach a goal, the same routine day in day out, we aren’t robots, we are people. We were made to feel love, passion and energy and you should try to feel that for everything you do.

Sometimes situations in life prevent us from doing what we love  but its important to always infuse your life with things that make you happy. If you hate your job and you can’t change it for the moment, make sure you make time to do the things you love when you aren’t working. Often your mundane job becomes the focus of your life because you don’t have anything else, create a balance.

I’ll admit…my job is OK, I don’t hate it but there are very few occasions when I REALLY love it… but I am in Peru, I am travelling and meeting people, exploring a new culture and lifestyle so far from mine AND learning Spanish – I love my life! That is how I chose to infuse a balance and their are thousands of other ways.

Many people live their lives for someone else, to please their family or satisfy others expectations. Remember you only have one book, write it for YOU! I can count on my fingers (on one hand haha) how many people were happy when I made the decision to come to Peru and I can tell you none of them were my family. I know everyone was worried and nobody understood why but sometimes… you gotta do what you gotta do! I knew if I didn’t take this opportunity I would forever regret it and this chapter is significantly important in MY story. I’m not saying be selfish and rebellious, ultimately the people I love let me come here because they understood. People who love you understand you, they don’t dictate your life they guide you. I left a situation where I could be saving money and building some kind of foundation but if I died tomorrow I won’t be taking that with me, I will take my lessons and my experiences and they are of more value to me then anything else. You should be able to look back on your life and feel proud that you fulfilled your purpose with passion and love. Its important to me that the people I love are proud of me too, and for that reason I would never do anything that they couldn’t be proud of …never compromise yourself or your morals for anything or anyone.

You have one book, make every page AMAZING!

Zohra x

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