Interview with Kiesza

I can only describe Kiesza as a bundle of energy, she was such fun to be around and clearly a born entertainer. She got up and showed us some of her moves, told her stories so animatedly, she was warm and bubbly and we had a blast hearing her brain-farts (as she calls them) and getting the scoop on her style tips and beauty buys.

She greeted me with a warm hug and the jet-lag talk got me wondering what her favourite city was, one of the perks of being a performer must be getting to travel the world, “Ooh thats hard… Rome! It was like a museum walking through it but I had a chance to actually explore it. Dubai’s really cool though! Will decide if its my new favourite city after my safari this afternoon.” She seemed really excited for it and it looked like she enjoyed it from the video she posted on her Facebook of her singing to camels!

Travelling is always a good excuse to get your nose stuck in a book, I wondered what sort of books she read and was quite surprised when she said “Jane Austen is classic and I love the guy who wrote In Cold Blood…I’m having a brain fart I can’t remember his name! Truman Capote!” She’s very off the wall and obsessed with unicorns so I was expecting her to name some fantasy authors but guess everyone loves a bit of Jane Austen.

She styled her tracksuit really well, it was grey and she had mint green high-top Reebok trainers on with a flash of her mint green vest under her t-shirt, very understated but she looked so stylish with her quirky hairdo. “Right lets talk Style!” I said, I knew she had some pearls of wisdom to share, “Be original, don’t be afraid to use different things together and to take risks with fashion because it’s the risks that make people stand out.” So true! I tried to squeeze out her Beauty Buys while on the subject “I love lip chap! I do love MAC eye-shadow and their lipstick is really good too.” She is from Canada so its no surprise that shes a MAC girl.

Her energy was incredible, “I can walk on my hands!” She told me that was her party trick but I knew if I had asked her she probably would have! I asked her the most embarrassing thing that had happened to her and she said “In high school someone Pantsed me”, confused, I asked her to explain what that meant. “When somebody runs up to you and pulls your pants down, so yea that was embarrassing, thankfully I was wearing boxers but in high school you don’t want that to happen to you, guess it could have been a lot worse!” We had a good laugh and then it was time for her to go, short but sweet, it was a pleasure talking to Kiesza! We will leave you grooving to her latest video clip

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