Paloma Faith Calls Taylor Swift ‘Pathetic’ And Ellie Goulding ‘Degrading’

20b7bf20-b5f7-11e4-9228-317f291871dd_sodksPaloma faith recently told the Sun that she thinks it was pathetic of Taylor Swift to trademark her 1989 lyrics she went on, “F*** that! ‘This sick beat’ is probably something she’s stolen from someone else.” She didn’t stop there, she moved on to how she felt about Ellie Goulding singing the soundtrack for 50 Shades of Grey. “I found it offensive and degrading. It’s all about putting a man on a pedestal and the female beneath him and feeling inadequate and turned on by his dominance.I don’t think it’s a very empowering message for young people. I’m all for anyone doing whatever they like in the bedroom – I’m not a prude. I do think it’s fine to be submissive and dominant if that’s what you’re into.But in that book, outside of the bedroom, she’s constantly putting him above her.If they’d have asked me to do the soundtrack I would have said no. Luckily, they didn’t.”

By the way did you hear it has been pulled from UAE cinemas?! Its great to stand up for what you believe in but is she being a little too judgemental? What do you think?

What Taylor will have to say. Probably. Copyright: [Tumblr]have 

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