Clarisonic Review

Cleansing_Mia2_lWhen I used to work at House of Fraser I worked by the Clarisonic counter and women were always raving about it, I’ve had quite problematic skin the last couple of years so decided to invest in one. I would always get tiny bumps under my skin and break-outs and I think its where make-up would get trapped in my pores combined with hormonal changes so I thought perhaps my skincare regime isn’t sufficient. After days of reading reviews of all the competing products such as Soniclear and Olay Pro-X I decided on the Clarisonic because of its sonic technology. I read the others damage your skin over time and can cause premature ageing and enlarged pores. Although generally good reviews, a bunch of people complained about enlarged pores with Olay’s which is something very difficult to reverse and it is cheaper but I didn’t think its worth the risk. People who had used both said the Clarisonic was better so I was sold.

The Sonic Method works with skin’s natural elasticity to thoroughly cleanse skin. Unlike Spinning devices, Clarisonic’s patented technology oscillates back and forth more than 300 movements per second to gently cleanse, remove impurities and beautifully transform skin so I guess thats what I paid for but hopefully it will last me years to come!

I used it with the deep pore cleansing brush head which is recommended for acne and make-up removal. I was amazed after my first use because my skin felt brighter and smoother,  I began using it twice a day as it says you can. By day 3 my skin had become dry and a bit sore, the machine is only on for one minute and it says it is fine to use it morning and evening but for me it was too much. I stopped using it for 2 days so my skin could recover and then tried again once a day, it was much better and after 2 weeks I no longer had spots and the bumps had almost gone. (You have a month to return your Clarisonic if you aren’t happy, I was considering it at that point but thought I should just try and use it differently). Then I changed to the sensitive brush which I use daily, even twice a day sometimes and it suits my skin fine. It’s important to work out which brush suits your skin type, the range is pretty big going from body brushes to cashmere which is soft enough to use on the eyes too!

I really feel my skin has been transformed, its been 3 months and I know I will have a Clarisonic for life!

  • It takes one minute to clean my face instead of 3 or 4.
  • I actually saved money as before I kept spending money on acne gels and face washes and treatments, now I just use a face cleansing gel with it and its perfect. In 3 months I would have spent probably £100 and the Clarisonic is only £25 more so by next month I will be saving money 🙂
  • My skin is transformed, I still have scars from before but my complexion is smooth and bright and it has definitely given me more confidence.
  • I love that I only have to charge it for a day once a month
  • The Mia 2 is the small travel friendly model, you can’t use body brush attachments but it is compact and comes with a travel case. Every brush has a cap to protect from bacteria.
  • The machine stays on for one minute, it vibrates so you know when to move on to your cheeks, forehead and nose so that you spend enough time on each area! One segment is 20 seconds so you can use it on your T-zone if its problematic or cheeks as they are a bigger area.
  • Its waterproof and can be used in the bath or shower.

I cannot recommend this product enough!! I think as long as you spend time figuring out a regime and brush head that suits your skin, you will not be disappointed! Also I have a great tip (probably not suitable for the cashmere) I use antibacterial hand-wash to clean my brush head, it removes all make-up stains and keeps the brush bacteria free. In the beginning my brush would get stained and the various soaps and brush cleaning products I used were not sufficient but that hand-wash keeps it looking and feeling as good as new! If it wasn’t advised to change the brush head every three months I would use something less harsh but the bristles are strong and because it feels and looks new I have decided to keep it on a little longer, I think if you keep it clean you could easily use it for 4-5 months. I compared mine to the one I was going to replace it with and they looked and felt the same so I will use it a little longer.

5 Stars from me, I think every girl should have one! In London they are available at all big department stores but in Dubai head to Sephora to get yours!

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