Sculpting Contour Chubby Stick

This little chubby stick from Clinique is definitely one to add to the make up bag, its great for contouring on the go!


3 thoughts on “Sculpting Contour Chubby Stick

  1. I’ve seen this and the highlighting stick in store. My only concern is that the contour stick looks more like a bronzer due to the red/orange undertone.

    • Well you can use a bronzer for a natural contour. It depends on your skintone, I have orange and yellow so for me its a good option, you can always try before you buy, put a little on your jaw and see how it looks.

      • Well, of course you can contour, highlight and use a bronzer as blush depending on your skintone. I don’t think I articulated my point very well, it was that if something is being marketed for contouring it should not warm the face but create shadows. I like the idea of the jumbo sticks they are onto something in terms of ease. Glad it works for you.

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