Was Your Connection Real?

I like this but I’m not sure I agree with it, sometimes connections have a time and a place, you can go back but it will never be the same…I believe I have known places and people that I had amazing connections with and they served a purpose in my journey which helped me bring me closer to my greater purpose, What do you think?


Wish Upon A Coke

This campaign touched my heart, living in Dubai and seeing the way labourers are mistreated and given false expectations, I will be supporting this campaign! I have spoken to many and the stories always shock me, I am not saying its everyone but I do believe the vast majority were brought here under false expectations. Many are not free to go back home and some of them are, but choose to stay as despite what they endure, they can support their families back home. This morning I was in the grocery shop looking at the employees bagging shopping and taking it to peoples cars, I was thinking you are somebodys father, son or husband, did you expect to come to Dubai to do this job to feed your family? Many are educated with degrees, a taxi driver I spoke to last week was a Qualified Doctor but during his job-hunt he needed to support himself so took a job as a taxi driver and got stuck with it. I feel lucky everyday for being able to have the support to move somewhere like Dubai, many do not and once they are here they have to work until they can afford to pay for their visas and get a ticket home which is extremely difficult without a decent salary. At the end of the day it is an advert for a product but at least something positive is coming off the back of it 🙂

I do understand that this is just an advert for coke but I think many people in the UAE have such bad attitudes towards people that are not as rich as them, they definitely look down and in some cases dehumanise them. Even if this advert makes you want to do a good deed or next time smile and greet the person helping you then it has served a bigger purpose. We all have dreams and families, ultimately we all want the same fundamentals in life. Always remember that your money does not make you better then someone else, it just gives you more opportunities and you can use those to help others!

Dubai Gold Cup

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It was my first time going to the Dubai Gold Cup in Meydan and it was so much fun! People really made an effort to dress for the occasion and I was amazed while scouring the crowd at the dresses, suits and incredible fascinators and hats. They had the Jaguar style stakes where the best dressed won a Jaguar for a year. I loved Natalia Shustovas outfit, I felt she was a more deserving winner of best dressed but she won best hat. Sophia Ismayeva was also a favourite for me, she rocked that royal blue like a queen and I’m not just saying that because she’s my buddy :p

Jaguar’s Best Dressed Lady, Mary Behan Photo Credit: Emirates247.com

IMG_7063 2

Ana Pribylova won Longines most elegant lady Photo Credit: Emirates247.com

Natalia Shustova Best Hat

Natalia Shustova won Jaguars Best Hat Photo Credit: Emirates247.com

Sophia Ismayeva Dubai Gold Cup

Sophia Ismayeva

The races were really fun to watch live, the horses whizzed past us at lightning speed. When Sheikh Hamdan’s horse “Prince Bishop” won, the crowd went wild and the fireworks display began. It was the best display I had ever seen, it lasted a full 10 minutes and featured UAE flags, hearts and they even managed to spell out UAE in fireworks, it really was breath-taking and Kylie Minogue was the icing on the cake. She performed a fabulous set laced with classics such as I Should Be So Lucky and Spinning Around as well as tracks from her new Kiss Me Once Album. What a great day out!

The Heart Wants What It Wants

I loved this song when it came out because its so raw and captures heartbreak so perfectly, “I felt like I know him and I know his heart and I know what he wouldn’t do to hurt me but I didn’t realise that I was feeling so confident and so great about myself and then it would all be completely shattered by one thing, by something so stupid! …But then you make me feel crazy, you make me feel like its my fault…I was in pain!” I’m sure every girl that had ever been heartbroken could connect with it, it just made me want to give Selena Gomez a big hug ❤ So strange how we allow someone else to make us feel so inadequate, remember ladies, you don’t need a man to make you whole, that’s why you were awesome and confident before you met him and if he breaks you and shatters your self confidence …then despite what your heart wants… he has to GO!!!!!!!!

More men read Zizzleblog then ladies but I’m not sure if that ever happens to men which is why I have addressed it to the ladies haha. I think women in general feel like they weren’t good enough while men have the attitude if I had her I can have someone better which is why generally they recover from heartbreak 100 times faster…what do you think? I know I’m being really stereotypical but no one has ever broken the mould for me so it’s not my fault :p

This is what makes me wanna hug her!

Ted Baker

I had a fabulous night at the Ted Baker SS15 launch, the beautiful poolside garden at the Hilton Conrad Dubai was perfect for the springy shades and floral prints that adorned the runway. The collection didn’t disappoint, it was comprised of stylish versatile and very wearable pieces. I love the brand and the styling really highlighted how ready-to-wear it was, my attention was actually drawn more to the menswear. Of course the dishy models were pretty distracting but the clothes were on point, I loved the cuts and colour combinations and the patent grey shoes really caught my eye. The blazers had beautiful details and prints and I loved the different shades of blue. The fashion conscious crowd embellished the sophisticated setting, another triumph for brag events!