Valentino Haute Couture


Throwback to one of my favourite fashion moments of 2013, from the Valentino Haute Couture Fall Winter collection.

Pastel Nails


I love these summery nails, they were done by dividing the nails randomly and painting each section differently and then adding a thin nail foil on the different colour borders. Simple but really effective!

10 Reasons For Fasting In Ramadan



Reasons for Fasting in Ramadan, #1: A Pillar of Islam

The foundation of Islamic spiritual practice is known as the Five Pillars of Islam, which form the basis for a spiritual culture designed to provide an ideal environment for personal growth and spiritual evolution.

Fasting in Ramadan is one of the Five Pillars of Islam, constituting one of the most valuable spiritual practices designed to empower a human being in overcoming the self and transcending the ego, the one true veil between a human being and his or her Creator.

Reasons for Fasting in Ramadan, #2: Spiritual Purification

One of the primary benefits of fasting in Ramadan is spiritual purification, the essential goal of Islamic Spirituality.

Although we tend to think of the mind, body and spirit as separate components, in reality they are all connected and interrelated, and improvement in any one naturally effects improvement in the others as well.

Fasting in Ramadan purifies the mind, body and spirit, leading to greater clarity, sensitivity and health.

Reasons for Fasting in Ramadan, #3: Health

10 Reasons for Fasting in Ramadan : Pretty Healthy has now been scientifically documented and demonstrated that one of the most effective factors in improving human health and longevity is the reduction of intake and consumption.

Fasting in Ramadan allows the digestive system, the engine of the body, to rest from the normal demands of processing and breaking down food, freeing up system resources to cleanse and purify the body of accumulated toxins, thereby allowing more effective healing and tissue repair.

Fasting in Ramadan keeps the body healthy and youthful (provided one does not overindulge when breaking fast).

Reasons for Fasting in Ramadan, #4: Family and Community

One of the greatest benefits and reasons for fasting in Ramadan is renewing solidarity and cultivating positive relationships with one’s family and community.

Only one who observes fasting in Ramadan can truly know the beauty and joy of breaking fast with others, celebrating the gift of life daily for thirty days with loved ones.

Fasting in Ramadan is truly one of the greatest social experiences a human being will ever have, and this is one of the most important aspects of this unique pillar of Islamic practice.

Reasons for Fasting in Ramadan, #5: Gratitude

It’s true that one generally does not realize what he or she has until it’s gone or not available, and by fasting in Ramadan, Muslims become acutely aware of the unlimited abundance of divine favor God Almighty has blessed humanity with, particularly with regards to sustenance.

The cultivation of gratitude is a core purpose of Islam, and few spiritual practices cultivate gratitude as does fasting in Ramadan!

Reasons for Fasting in Ramadan, #6: Humility and Selflessness

By fasting in Ramadan, a Muslim realizes how totally dependent we as human beings are upon the divine grace of God for survival, and humility is a natural result of this realization.

Generally, we take things for granted and become heedless as a result of living in the world, dunya, yet by fasting in Ramadan, we are continually reminded of our frailty and dependence upon the Divine, leading us to humility, reverence, piety and selflessness — primary goals of Islamic Spirituality.

Reasons for Fasting in Ramadan, #7: Empathy and Compassion

10 Reasons for Fasting in Ramadan : Empathy and Compassion Although we live in a world of natural abundance, of divine grace and providence, unfortunately due to a lack of empathy, compassion and solidarity among human beings, there are many throughout the globe who still struggle with hunger, poverty, lack and scarcity.

When a Muslim observes fasting in Ramadan, he or she feels the hunger that many experience daily as a normal consequence of their circumstances.

By fasting in Ramadan, we develop the holy qualities of empathy and compassion, becoming more aware of our intrinsic connection and oneness with all human beings regardless of borders or labels that create artificial separation among the citizens of the human race.

This then leads us to greater contribution and selflessness in the service of our fellow human beings, constituting one of the most valuable reasons for fasting in Ramadan.

Reasons for Fasting in Ramadan, #8: Restraint and Self-Discipline

The modern world and its culture are largely defined by materialism, consumption and instant gratification of desires. This results in the diminishment of human consciousness, the regression of planetary culture and the suppression of the soul.

Yet by fasting in Ramadan, a Muslim consciously curtails this unhealthy norm by intentionally practicing restraint and self-discipline, separating him or herself from the animal kingdom which is governed by the unconscious drive to satiate one’s immediate physical needs and desires.

Fasting in Ramadan is thus an essential practice for attaining true freedom and independence from dunya, the external world of form and appearances, and for the liberation of the soul from the self, the mind-body that is unconsciously driven by fear and the struggle survival.

Reasons for Fasting in Ramadan, #9: Simplicity and Non-Attachment

When living without discipline and restraint, life quickly becomes overly complicated, leading to a heavy burden that results in unnecessary stress, anxiety, unhappiness and difficulty.

By fasting in Ramadan, we limit excess and indulgence, facilitating the return to simplicity and non-attachment, releasing one from dependence on dunya and so contributing to psychological health and happiness, and practical wellness and balance.

Reasons for Fasting in Ramadan, #10: Focus

With the constant demands of modern life, it’s all too easy to become lost and forget who we are, and so to unconsciously forget our divine purpose and destiny.

Without constant reminder, we become lost in the dream of dunya-material life and become disconnected from reality.

Fasting in Ramadan for thirty days is a powerful practice in restoring and strengthening focus, direction, balance and purpose to our lives.
Fasting in Ramadan is a Gift from God

The opportunity to observe fasting in Ramadan is a gift from God, allowing us to grow and develop as human beings, enabling us to become more compassionate, caring, kind and grateful.

Fasting in Ramadan is a unique opportunity to develop spiritually and gain strength and control over our selves, our egos, the nafs, the unconscious automatic primitive nature that tends to dominate our lives when unchecked.

By observing fasting in Ramadan, a Muslim has a profound and unique opportunity to become more peaceful, present and spiritual — the very goal of Islam.
By IHSAN on August 1, 2011 in SPIRITUALITY

Soul Restaurant Review

Soul is a contemporary restaurant located in the Movenpick JBR which serves classic American dishes and is famed for its steaks. The decor style reminds me a lot of Tribeca, modern with classic touches, dining sections are separated by hanging chains and the walls are adorned with abstract bursts of art. We sat in the outside section so we could listen to the live Jazz singer, Al fresco dining by the pool with live music, what more could a girl ask for? Well maybe for the singer to be a little closer to us but it was actually nice to be able to talk and hear each other while she performed ambient background music.

We were served fresh warm bread with cute little packs of butter sealed with the tiniest clothes peg in the world. This was followed by a surprise canapé from the chef, it was an incredible braised lamb that just melted in your mouth. This was all building up to the most beautiful starters, they were so pretty, I spent longer taking pictures of them then eating them. The Grilled Asparagus with a Lobster croustillant, cecina ham, quail egg and hollandaise sauce tasted as good as it looked, the crab cakes were nice, I preferred the avocado to the red pepper beurre.

We ordered prime striploin steaks since steak was the speciality, unfortunately a little overcooked but still delicious especially with the sides. The meat was really fresh and well-seasoned, it had an incredible flavour. The parmesan truffle fries and sautéed root vegetables were delicious, in fact we loved all the sides, the creamy spinach and asparagus were also things I would order again. We were literally stuffed but they insisted we try dessert, the famous chocolate soufflé that takes half an hour to prepare and the salted caramel tiramisu was what we went for. OMG that tiramisu was amazing, I don’t why it’s called that because I don’t like Tiramisu and we almost didn’t order it but the waitress explained the caramel is a coffee substitute and it doesn’t have coffee in it. I would literally go back just for that because it was divine. The soufflé was also delicious and fluffy, like a HUGE chocolate cloud but it was really rich and definitely the kind of dessert you have if you are not eating anything else.

I would definitely recommend soul, the starters and desserts were my favourite courses and I loved the setting, decadent but it still had a very chilled out vibe.


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Life Is Beautiful

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Even when it feels like it isn’t, every experience and the way we deal with it shapes us and helps us grow. Only in the darkness do we see the stars, without the bad times we can’t appreciate the good-times. I hope you take a moment today to reflect on how lucky you are to have a beautiful life.