Happy Friday!!

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Bajrangi Bhaijaan

There was a lot of buzz around the release of this film and I saw social media statuses and all sorts of talk about it and realised its been years since I went to the cinema to watch a Bollywood Film. It was a film starring Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor about a mute Pakistani girl played by the adorable little Harshaali Malhotra who is separated from her parents and finds an Indian stranger who makes it his mission try and get her home.

The reality of the subjects it touches pull on your heartstrings, prejudices surrounding religion and culture, politics and prostitution juxtaposed with the innocence of this child. It really takes you on a journey and opens your eyes to how we as humans focus on differences rather then similarities, how we would rather know stories of hatred then love and despite having that bollywood over the top-ness that was to be expected, I really loved it and even shed a tear.

I am sure it will stay in cinemas for a while, critics are raving about it, IMDB gave it an 8.5 and rotten tomatoes a whopping 94%, a 9/10 from me, I loved the cinematography, the story, the songs (lol at the selfie song) the only thing that could have improved it for me was to speed up some of it. Make sure you head to a cinema near you to enjoy this beautiful tale of love beyond barriers.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild


What we know is merely a drop in an ocean of knowledge and what we imagine has no bounds, never limit yourself or decline an opportunity for growth. Knowledge is often born from Imagination; inventors, philosophers, scientists…they all began with a question that they didn’t understand. I am often told not to let my imagination run away with me but I believe  you should let your imagination run wild!


One of our readers sent this in:

Roses. They are a symbol of love.

No two are alike; elegant, complex and beautiful, but very delicate.

If you put in time and effort, if you nurture and take care of them, they will blossom into a beautiful being and provide all your senses with the best of pleasures.

If you don’t then they will dry up into a lifeless flake that will eventually crumble into pieces, leaving you with nothing – as deserved.

Sometimes after managing to meet all their needs, their thorns might still make you bleed.

Sometimes I wonder why most women like roses so much, and then I realized that the two are not much different from each other.

Women. They are love.


Maybelline Color Show Nailpolish

Love this summery polish, paprika pop, by Maybelline. Many reds don’t suit my skin tone but this one is perfect for honey and caramel complexions, its a shade of red that is laced with a beautiful orange tone that really compliments tanned skin.