Perseid Meteor Shower in the UAE

The new moon tonight brings a dazzling opportunity for stargazers to see the annual Perseid meteor shower, which is at its peak now according to astronomers.

The UAE’s stargazers will be able to spot between 50 – 100 meteors per hour  tonight and over the weekend. Meteors have been visible since late July but will peak tonight. Try and get away from the city lights to a dark spot in the desert, lie down and let your eyes adjust to the darkness then look towards the northeast (Use your GPS) you should see the Cassiopeia and Perseus constellations. Nasa adds that the Perseids are considered to be the best meteor shower of the year. With very fast and bright meteors, Perseids frequently leave long “wakes” of light and colour behind them as they streak through the Earth’s atmosphere. Perseids are known for theur fireballs which are larger explosions of light and colour.

Have fun stargazing and send in any photos you manage to snap to

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