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Hi everyone!

If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed my recent success with stamping – I had tried a lot of times before, always failing miserably. It seems like I have finally found some equipment that works for me and today I would like to show you my first two stamping manicures that are actually presentable.

First is a purple stamping manicure for which I used the following:

  • Base colour: OPI Planks a lot
  • Stamping colour: Zoya Lael
  • B. loves plates B.03 mind blown stamping plate
  • B. loves plates scraper
  • B. loves plates stamper
  • Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat

Stamping B loves plates Zoya Lael OPI Planks a lot

For my second stamping below I used the following:

  • Base colour: P2 030 Shades of Rose (Pretty 60’s LE)
  • Stamping colour: Manhattan Grasshopper Cocktail 08S
  • Accent nail: ILNP Electric Circus (H)
  • B. loves plates B.03 mind blown stamping plate
  • B. loves plates scraper
  • B. loves plates stamper

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Spirito, Media One Hotel, Dubai

As I walked into Spirito, I could really feel that vibrant Latino energy, the lighting and decor added to the feel-good vibe. We sat down and were greeted by our lovely waiter Everson, who was actually from Brazil and he gave us a little intro to the menu. I have not yet been to Brazil so the menu had some really interesting dishes and we were excited to try them.

We stuck to the recommendations for appetizers and ordered the cheese puffs and some braised beef pastries. The pastries were yummy but we had to lookout for tiny bones inside which was annoying because they were so delicious. The cheese puffs were too stodgy for me as an appetizer, a whole lot of cheese and dough so we went for a nice salad next, The salad was my favourite dish, Blue cheese, Cachaça poached pear and candied cashew nuts, it was a blissful marriage of flavours and the greens kept it light and balanced.

I know Brazil is famed for its steak so we went for the Black Angus steak with a coco & chili nib rub with spiced polenta fries, unfortunately it was a real anti-climax, very fatty and gristly, I think the cut of meat itself wasn’t the best and then to make it worse it was overcooked. To be fair we went on Wednesday which is a ladies night and very busy so maybe another day would have resulted in a bit more care and attention. We also had the Beetroot and blue cheese risotto with cashew nuts and a side of the plantain with spinach gratin and portabello mushroom. I think we made bad choices, they were very sweet, heavy dishes and didn’t balance each other out at all. I was really disappointed because the menu had so many exotic sounding dishes I wanted to try, I would definitely give it another go. Dessert definitely saved the day, we had Doughnuts and the Brazilian Chocolate Bon-bon cake and both were really yummy! Everson was really helpful and we enjoyed the evening as a whole. The juices and cocktails were amazing, really tropical and exotic concoctions with acai berry, passion fruit, mango and various other yummy flavours. I would definitely go there again for the vibe and drinks and hopefully have more luck with the food next time.

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Emporio Armani Watches

The Emporio Armani Autumn/Holiday 2015 collection continues the brand’s journey into Innovative watch design. The designs are updated interpretations of classic pieces. 

The ladies watches are minimal and sleek with men’s platforms interpreted into women’s versions.  The colour palette brings an Autumn freshness. Black and gold run throughout, giving the collection a glamorous look.

The new men’s styles feature a sporty, ultra-dynamic case. The powerful design, with the crown protector and separate bezel, allows to play with different colours and materials such as rubber and aluminium.

Shop the collection at Paris Gallery.

Iconic AW15 Fashion Trends

Zizzle went down to the Iconic AW15 Launch In Tribeca Dubai and we were really impressed with the new collection! There were a few key fashion trends spotted, a collection with something for everyone.

The Mod Modernism collection was very 60’s inspired, A-line dresses were scattered about in monochrome prints juxtaposed with midi skirts and tailored jackets in yellow and blue hues.

Another Iconic fashion trend this season is the Neo Sports look made up of day and sportswear with a luxe feel to it in bonded mesh, scuba and lasercuts. The metallic silver pieces gave a galactic feel to the 90’s inspired collection. I loved the Military Tribe trend pieces, olive green really suits caramel skintones and the military inspired jumpsuit was definitely my favourite piece of the collection. The Dark Delicacy pieces were extremely glamorous in rich lace and velvet with intricate beading to embellish.It was certainly the most lavish of trends.

This was my favourite collection from Iconic, it is so versatile and you can pick anything from edgy club-wear to elegant evening gowns. The tailored jackets and dresses were perfect for business chic and my wardrobe has quite a few new additions from the AW15 collection which I can’t wait to wear!

Iconic_ AW_5454_bus Iconic_AW_4774_Bus Iconic_AW_4961_bus Iconic_AW_5186_bus Iconic_AW_5266_Bus Iconic_AW_5419_Bus Iconic_AW_5596_bus

Write The Story Of Your Life


I know how I want my story to go, the law of attraction states that you create what you imagine but I feel a little derailed sometimes. Its important to never lose sight of what you want, when we accept a current situation whether that be a job, friends or even a partner, we are handing our pen to someone else. Compromise is important but don’t ever give a part of yourself up for someone, just put your faith and vision out into the universe and and let it unfold. I took the time to retune myself over the weekend and I am pretty excited for the week to unfold, let this be a week of change for all of us 🙂


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I had a 4 day city-break in Madrid, there’s a lot to do and its a really beautiful city.  Madrid is known as the political, economic and cultural centre of Spain. It felt like a cross between London and Barcelona, lots of great architecture, museums, theatres, palaces, shopping districts, parks and food.

The Mercado de San Miguel was our favourite spot to eat, it was a beautiful market full of all kinds of fresh food and it had a really lively atmosphere. We also ventured to the Mercado de San Anton which was off the tourist trail and a beautiful renovated market however it was quiet and food didn’t look as fresh because it sat there most of the day. I think its best to go there on the weekends as it was really a beautiful market but lacked atmosphere.

Plaza Mayor has a great selection of Tapas restaurants, its a place full of character with quaint cobbled streets, statues and retro style street-lights with beautiful buildings. Street performers are scattered all over Madrid, drawing crowds and creating a really nice atmosphere in the evenings. We stayed in Puerta Del Sol which is a really great location, everything is within walking distance and at night plenty of shows go on in the square.

We walked to the Prado Museum and Parque del Buen Retiro , the park is definitely worth having a stroll around and maybe a boat ride, was 40 degrees when we went so we skipped that. The Prado houses the greatest collection of Spanish Art dating back to the 12th Century. I loved the works of Hieronymus Bosch, his pieces depict a deep insight into man’s desires and deepest fears and you really need to take a seat and the time to analyse because his paintings unveil so many different topics in one piece, his pictures definitely paint more then a thousand words. I feel he was an artist very much ahead of his time, he used art the way Shakespeare used theatre, to comment on the human psyche, society and behaviour.  My favourite piece from him is The Garden of Earthly Delights: 1024px-The_Garden_of_Earthly_Delights_by_Bosch_High_Resolution

We checked out the night-life in Madrid too, Ten Con Ten is a great bar but don’t eat there, the food was awful however the atmosphere in the bar area is nice. We headed out to Opium from there, it was a little pretentious but a really nice club, felt like we were in Dubai, we made the most of it and danced the night away. It was a really great city, most things were really cheap and shopping is definitely cheaper then London or Dubai. I thought four days was a good amount of time to see all the main hotspots and would highly recommend a city-break in Madrid.