Spirito, Media One Hotel, Dubai

As I walked into Spirito, I could really feel that vibrant Latino energy, the lighting and decor added to the feel-good vibe. We sat down and were greeted by our lovely waiter Everson, who was actually from Brazil and he gave us a little intro to the menu. I have not yet been to Brazil so the menu had some really interesting dishes and we were excited to try them.

We stuck to the recommendations for appetizers and ordered the cheese puffs and some braised beef pastries. The pastries were yummy but we had to lookout for tiny bones inside which was annoying because they were so delicious. The cheese puffs were too stodgy for me as an appetizer, a whole lot of cheese and dough so we went for a nice salad next, The salad was my favourite dish, Blue cheese, Cachaça poached pear and candied cashew nuts, it was a blissful marriage of flavours and the greens kept it light and balanced.

I know Brazil is famed for its steak so we went for the Black Angus steak with a coco & chili nib rub with spiced polenta fries, unfortunately it was a real anti-climax, very fatty and gristly, I think the cut of meat itself wasn’t the best and then to make it worse it was overcooked. To be fair we went on Wednesday which is a ladies night and very busy so maybe another day would have resulted in a bit more care and attention. We also had the Beetroot and blue cheese risotto with cashew nuts and a side of the plantain with spinach gratin and portabello mushroom. I think we made bad choices, they were very sweet, heavy dishes and didn’t balance each other out at all. I was really disappointed because the menu had so many exotic sounding dishes I wanted to try, I would definitely give it another go. Dessert definitely saved the day, we had Doughnuts and the Brazilian Chocolate Bon-bon cake and both were really yummy! Everson was really helpful and we enjoyed the evening as a whole. The juices and cocktails were amazing, really tropical and exotic concoctions with acai berry, passion fruit, mango and various other yummy flavours. I would definitely go there again for the vibe and drinks and hopefully have more luck with the food next time.

<a href=”https://www.zomato.com/dubai/spirito-dubai-media-city&#8221; title=”View Menu, Reviews, Photos & Information about Spirito, Dubai Media City and other Restaurants in Dubai” target=”_blank”><img alt=”Spirito Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info – Zomato” src=”https://www.zomato.com/logo/18019954/biglogo&#8221; style=”border:none;width:104px;height:34px;padding:0px;” /></a>

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