Halloween Makeup Tutorial

11049636_10153262406291794_2508666838935105275_nThis took me about an hour…mostly because I was making it up as I went along! I started with the eyes, I just extended my eyes by drawing under them with a black eyeliner. Then I filled them in white using snazaroo facepaint, I also painted my lower lashes and used a white eyeliner pencil to colour my waterline.

Using a concealer brush I painted carefully around the eyes with a light blue and then the rest of my face in the same shade with a sponge. I took a darker blue to contour around my cheekbones, jawline and forehead (how I would usually contour with foundation) and blended it all with a sponge. Then I took a metallic white and went down the bridge of my nose, cheekbones, cupids bow and above my eyebrows to give more dimension.

I took a black eyeliner and filled my lips in and extended them outwards and finished with a tapered line and drew 3 lines downwards to look like stitches.

I covered my eyebrows with vaseline and pressed glitter on using a small flat eyeshadow brush. Then I sprayed my lips with Mac Fix + and using a stencil and silver eye-shadow patted stars on. I added lashes to the eyeliner I had drawn on and added another set of lashes to the top and finished with a liquid liner. I finished with a spritz of Mac Fix + all over to keep everything in place.

Objective Thinking


People who can’t think objectively constantly feel under attack because they never put themselves in someone else’s shoes so they always end up being a victim. By removing yourself from a situation you can think in a more balanced way.

Sometimes our ability to be objective is no longer a strength, that is when we end up helping people even though its hurting us. Never feel that you have to be there for everyone who cries on your shoulder. I am learning that saying no in the right situation is actually strength, the strength to love yourself and to realize when somebody asks too much of you. People who truly care about you will never put you in certain situations. Always remember to look at both sides of every story but never feel obliged to support something that doesn’t serve you.

Monaco, Monte Carlo

Monaco is one of the smallest independent states in the world and its roots are intertwined with the Grimaldi family, the ruling dynasty for over 700 years. The district of Monte Carlo oozes glitz and glamour, from the world-renown casino to the high society and famous streets that the Formula one track snakes through.

DSC_0295Monaco left me wishing I had a little longer there but the main sights can be covered in a day. We arrived by cruise-ship in the beautiful marina where I spent a little too long admiring the stunning yachts. We got a taxi boat across to save us some time.

Our first stop was the beautifully Zen Japanese garden, it harmoniously captured mountains, a waterfall, beach and brook and can be easily explored in an hour. It also had some items that were gifted to the Grimaldi family from Japan.

The next stop was the casino, its such a majestic building and I was amazed at the amount and caliber of luxury cars outside (and thats after living in Dubai for 11 years where you think you have seen it all). There was paparazzi outside constantly, despite not being a gambler I thought it would be a shame to come to the casino and not play…so I spent some time losing haha and then it was lunchtime!

Cafe de Paris is in the plaza just outside the casino, people sit there for coffees just to people watch and look at the cars outside the casino. We had lunch there, it was pretty good! Unfortunately we took a little too long doing everything and walked around quite a bit so we didn’t have time to see the Palazzo dei Principi which is where the Palace is.

Glamorous, full of gorgeous scenery and it had such a relaxing vibe – I would love to go back for a couple more days!

Essie Water-colours

DSC_0048_1I had a great day trying out Essie’s new Silk Watercolor Collection. To mark the launch of the highly anticipated polishes, the talented nail artists at SoH Art + Beauty came together to create an exclusive range of 18 unique nail art designs. I was spoilt for choice and ended up choosing two in the end because I just couldn’t decide.

The colours are sheer and capture the delicacy of silk and chiffon, nine layerable shades offer so many possibilities and I was so excited to get home and play with mine! From the fierce ultra violet of No Shrinking Violet to the glowing rose of Love Sheen, the chic graphic teal of Pen & Inky to the seductive citrus vibe of Muse, Myself and other stunning shades, the exciting new collection added tones of gorgeousness to a well –received gathering of art and style.

Max Factor Makeover


I was heading out for coffee with friends and wanted a natural fresh faced look. I was feeling really tired and needed a real lift and I managed to achieve that using just four Max Factor products.

I began with the Max Factor Skin Illuminizer foundation, I put a little product under the eyes, along the forehead and down the nose and blended it outwards with a stippler brush so it was pretty natural but concentrated to the areas that really lift your face. Then I took the blusher and just blended it outwards from the apples towards the ear. I finished with 2 coats of mascara – one just wasn’t enough with my sleepy eyes. I finished with the rosy lipstick, I didn’t realise how much of a difference four products can make until I saw the pictures side by side!

My Top 3 Concealers

I have always thought that concealer is the most important make-up product,  a good concealer can transform your face. It can change you from looking really to tired to wide awake and fresh in just a few seconds. If I have to meet someone and only have a short space of time to get ready I will always take a few seconds to dab some concealer under and around my eyes and on any uneven spots or blemishes. Today I wanted to share my top concealers with you, I have used countless brands but these are the ones that are always being restocked in my beauty kit!


Lets begin with the newest addition to my concealer family which I just adore Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Full Cover Concealer. It has a pretty thick consistency which I prefer for evening events as it has better coverage. It contains coconut oil  which hydrates as the eye and lip area has the thinnest skin and is the first place you will notice dehydration so its important to use a moisturizer before applying but in this case you don’t need to!


I love the Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Concealer, it is a much easier product to carry in your make-up bag as it is a pen and you can just blot it to blend. It gives a really nice brightness under the eye and is quite a thin consistency but buildable so you can use it day or night!

31A0vXJqfqL._SY355_ (1)

Sephora’s retractable Lasting and Perfecting Corrector is another one I like to carry, one side has a thicker stick and the other thinner to correct lipstick, eyeliner or eyebrows. I would not recommend this to people with dry skin as it dries a little chalky but it doesn’t crease and stays put for 10 hours!

Michael Cinco’s Collection at FFWD SS16

Fashion Forward kicked off yesterday with an amazing line-up, Zareena and Hussein Bazaza were among the designers showcased yesterday and the night ended with Michael Cinco’s dazzling collection.

As soon as the first model walked down the runway in a fully embellished red ombre dress, I gasped! I love how Michael Cinco constructs his dresses and as she walked into the laser beams it looked as though the dress carried itself. A few more gorgeous red gowns followed and the two beautiful white wedding gowns with Michael Cinco’s signature peekaboo cutwork.

Black dresses followed with gorgeous lace detail, I loved the movement in the two floor length satin gowns and the very risque gowns which were transparent with bead-work all over, they flashed without flashing you. Then a new theme emerged, one that took me back to Barcelona, I suddenly remembered the Sagrada Familias stunning stained glass windows as these black dresses with gorgeous panels of colour strutted down the runway. The finale was insane, It was so creative, windows of colour on a cape-like train surrounded by the other paneled outfits. It was a visual feast and Michael Cinco certainly set a very good tone for Fashion Forward SS16.

Adele – Hello

Sooo excited when I saw Adele had uploaded a new video for her song Hello, in fact I was the 10th view woohoooo lol. Well you know a song is amazing when it makes you think things you never even knew you could think about again…you will see what I mean after watching this: