Month: October 2015

Halloween Makeup Tutorial

This took me about an hour…mostly because I was making it up as I went along! I started with the eyes, I just extended my eyes by drawing under them with a black eyeliner. Then I filled them in white using snazaroo facepaint, I also painted my lower lashes and used a white eyeliner pencil to […]


Objective Thinking

People who can’t think objectively constantly feel under attack because they never put themselves in someone else’s shoes so they always end up being a victim. By removing yourself from a situation you can think in a more balanced way. Sometimes our ability to be objective is no longer a strength, that is when we […]


Max Factor Makeover

I was heading out for coffee with friends and wanted a natural fresh faced look. I was feeling really tired and needed a real lift and I managed to achieve that using just four Max Factor products. I began with the Max Factor Skin Illuminizer foundation, I put a little product under the eyes, along the forehead and down […]