George Bahgory at Sharjah Art Museum

George Bahgory SharjahGeorge Bahgory SharjahDSC_1739DSC_1744DSC_1738DSC_1741

George Bahgory came to Sharjah Museum Department to introduce his exhibition Lasting Impressions: George Bahgory to an audience of art enthusiasts and journalists.

Egyptian born Bahgory started his career over half a century ago and showcases disciplines ranging from caricature to sculpture.  Running until December 31, the exhibition features 80 of his pieces from his student years in Cairo in the 1950s to his most recent work.

It is the sixth installment of SMD’s Lasting Impressions series, which features a different guest artist every year, and the first time SMD has collaborated with the man known as the ‘Grandfather of Caricature’ for his political cartoons that featured in the Arabic press for decades.

His collection was beautiful and his work was divided into periods of his life, the story was as captivating as his pieces. Such a lovely, warm, eccentric character, it was a pleasure to celebrate his work with him and have him present his collection that was so intrinsically linked with him.

If you have a chance before the 31st December to head down to the Sharjah museum, I would highly recommend it. They are currently featuring works from Khalil Gibran too. It is an authentic, beautifully designed museum as opposed to the pop-up galleries we often see in this region and well worth a visit.



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