Yo! Sushi, Dubai

I went for a bloggers dinner at Yo! Sushi last week and I was in Sushi heaven. We learned to make our own Sushi and sampled a huge portion of the menu. The sushi making was great, we watched the Itamae and then he came round as we copied him to make sure we were doing it right.

My favourite hot dishes were the Miso Black Cod and Popcorn Shrimp Tempura. The Tempura was so crispy and had a delicious sticky coating and the Black Cod melted in your mouth.

The Kaiso salad was delicious, it was tossed in a tangy dressing which was a great palette cleanser between dishes. I loved the Yo! California Roll and the Assorted ISO. The sushi tasted so fresh and you could literally see them making it as it came out of the kitchen onto the conveyor belt.

For a while the chain suffered with quality control but they have since opened their own fish farms so all the fish is freshly sourced and served without being frozen which makes a huge difference in flavour. The Itamae showed us how he uses every part of the fish fillets to ensure there is no wastage. I used to frequent Yo! Sushi back in London and even then the conveyor belt concept was what initially pulled me in. Now they have revamped their venues and they look even better then before and the dishes were all sublime.

If you are a sushi fan, make sure you visit Yo! Sushi in the new extension of Mall Of The Emirates



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