Happy New Year!!

2015 was yet another magical year, of course it had its ups and downs but another year of great memories and lessons learned.

Travel is always on the agenda and I finally got to explore some more of Europe which was on the bucket list – Monaco, Nice, Barcelona, Madrid, Malta, Savona, Florence, Pisa and a trip to beautiful Sri Lanka.

I spent some quality time with my beautiful friends and family with a trip to London for my Grandmothers 80th birthday and a few of my favourite people came to visit me in Dubai this year which was amazing 🙂

I landed a great job  which offers me plenty of growth and the ability to be creative and meanwhile you guys have been helping Zizzleblog  grow which is amazing. I sometimes struggle to find the time to write with working full-time but am so grateful for your patience and support and appreciate you taking the time to drop by.

I am so excited for 2016! I always focus my growth on the mind and soul, always trying to understand and overcome and maintain a level of happiness by recognizing what brings me joy and inviting that into my life. I have also learnt to eliminate what doesn’t serve me and it has generally been a really happy year for me but for 2016 I want to move the focus to my body.

I always talk about eliminating toxic energies from our lives  but this year I want to detox my body. For the last month I have been going to the gym and eating a lot better but 2016 is all about getting those results! In 2015, I wanted to immerse deeper into the world of photography with a few courses but didn’t manage so hopefully can make time this year

I cannot wait for whats in store for 2016! I wish all of you a wonderful year of love, happiness, good health and dream chasing

With all my love,

Zohra x


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