Just Be Yourself


Whether it be a first date or a job interview…always be yourself. Being authentic not only gives you the opportunity to find a place where you can be comfortable and accepted, it also just makes life a lot easier.

The Mascara, Sephora


20160225_085213-1They don’t just call it “The Mascara” by coincidence, the developer of this product explained when you have this mascara you don’t need to look for “The One” anymore because it takes care of all your needs. The formula gives definition while lengthening and giving your lashes a lift. If that wasn’t enough it guarantees 106% volume and length after 10 coats, and 195% more after 30 coats.

I could see the difference in volume, I took a picture wearing the mascara on just one eye so that you can see the difference and how it literally lifts my lashes to my brow! I am not one for falsies so I am really particular about my mascaras and I have to say this one is definitely a leader. I was completely in love with Givenchy’s Noir Couture but this one is taking the lead only because it does everything Noir Couture does but with a much nicer texture and formula that doesn’t cement to your lashes. Its more gummy therefore doesn’t flake and easy to clean off.

How does it do it?

  1. Ridges present in the bristles of the brush allow to properly grip the eyelashes to yield buildable results and a volume that intensifies with each coat.
  2. Thanks to its formula enriched with carnauba wax, it coats the lashes while being flexible.
  3. An acacia gum-based formula that secures and improves the resistance of mascara.

This mascara, all in one, offering intense volume, length and definition, and plus…it is long-lasting! That is why it is called THE Mascara.

It will be available in Sephora from March 1st and is priced at 95AED.




The Little Big Co.

Since last year I have been trying to eat better and be more conscious of what I put into my body so I was thrilled when I heard about the Little Big Co. It’s a new website that sells healthy and organic products. If you don’t already know organic products are cultivated in natural ways so not only are you limiting the pesticides and toxins in your body, you are also helping the environment. I find organic shops in Dubai to be overpriced and also the majority are not easy for me to get to. The Little Big Co is a godsend because not only do they deliver, their products are amazing AND their prices are reasonable.

They sell everything, from tea and coffee, honey to protein packs and even natural beauty products. I tried their honeys, teas and protein and enjoyed all of them. They also share healthy recipes and have lots of interesting info so you can make better eating decisions. I will definitely be grocery shopping at http://www.thelittlebigco.com and can’t wait to try more of their delicious products.


DSC01337DSC01735 (1)FullSizeRender[1]Nestled on the palm at the waters edge, Senara has the most idyllic location and the sunset makes for some great dinnertime viewing. The concept is homegrown in the UAE and the chef brings a British flair to the menu.

Senara’s signature dishes include an array of fresh fish dishes daily.  We tried the delicious fish & chips and it did not disappoint. The fish was fresh and the batter had a delectable crunch, accompanied by mushy peas and chips. Had it not been for the paradisical setting I would have felt right at home. The menu boasts buckets of muscles and oysters and a mouth-watering lobster linguini. We sampled the desserts and they were all delicious, especially the baked cheesecake and if you have a real sweet-tooth then the sticky date pudding is a worthy treat.

You can find Senara at Palm Views West (If you are following Google Maps, enter Palm Views as the saved location as Senara was incorrect.) For table reservations call 04 451 6460

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Senara Restaurant  Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

City Centre Al Shindagha Mall

Last month, another mall opened on our sandy shores! City Centre Al Shindagha is the 7th City Centre in the UAE and is nestled in the historic centre of Dubai beside Heritage Village.

City Centre Al Shindagha is small but suffice for its location. The area predominantly has Indian residents and the mall caters to their needs.  Majid Al Futtaim is notorious for always catering specifically to his locations.

“The launch of City Centre Al Shindagha underscores the company’s commitment to further innovate and invest for the benefit of the communities we serve,” said Hamad Al Lawati, Manager – Community Malls for Majid Al Futtaim Properties.

At the City Centre Mirdif you will find a host of Arabic shops for example and at City Centre Al Shindagha, I saw popular Indian shops such as Fab India as well as the seven-centre VOX cinema screening mostly Indian films. Of course the mall caters to all residents needs with a huge Carrefour hypermarket,  Splash, Babyshop, Max Fashion, and Sharaf DG amongst 75 stores and a variety of 10 dining experiences .

“With its proximity to Dubai Creek and the area’s tradition as a trading hub, Shindagha is an ideal location for Majid Al Futtaim to open its 7th City Centre in the UAE and continue its vision of offering contemporary malls to communities living and working in the surrounding areas while creating great moments for everyone, everyday. City Centre Al Shindagha offers a convenient and accessible retail experience which meets the growing demand for smaller lifestyle malls in Dubai that provide a tailor-made mix of retail options, international dining outlets and premium family entertainment,” said

City Centre Al Shindagha is a good size and easy to navigate with a host of stores for your convenience!




I have naturally wild, unruly, frizzy and dry hair and after all the hair-dyeing and blow drying that I subject it to…it is a hot mess. It is such a battle for me to try and find something to tame my hair and when I do, I wear it wild and proud because the frizz calms down and then I can get away with my untamed waves. My hair was always one of the things I hated about my appearance most, but it is finally growing on me …quite literally. I suppose all these big hair trends made me feel more comfortable and my friends are always telling me that people pay to have hair like mine so I have begun to realise that I am lucky. I think we need to do that more…to learn to love our imperfections and realise they are what make us unique.

So on the subject of nurturing my hair I decided to invest in the KÉRASTASE RÉSISTANCE THÉRAPISTE range. It is quite expensive but I have to say well worth it, if your hair sounds like mine then you should give it a shot. I  asked for samples first at my salon and the results were undeniable so I went back and bought it. This range is for very damaged, over-processed hair and the science within the formula literally restores your hair. It contains FIBRA KAP which is a powerful complex that compensates for missing KAPs (Keratin Associated Proteins) and it has a plant extract which revives hair after 10 years of near death. It is literally hair SOS and I swear my hair feels like it has been resuscitated. I can feel it getting shinier and healthier after every shampoo. I previously used Kerastase for years but my hair eventually became immune to it so I switched and this new formula is literally amazing. I will probably change after these bottle finish because I really believe that your hair gets used to a product and becomes resistant but I will 100% go back to it after mixing it up a little.

The products are available to purchase at professional hair salons.

TempleSpa – Peace Be Still Cream


My skin is pretty problematic at certain times of the month and although I’m 27 I still get break-outs! I often find myself wishing there was a magic product that you just put on overnight and it restores your skin…well I think I found it! This calming face and body balm is literally amazing, it smells gorgeous and I woke up and my skin was pretty much back to normal. Some of my blemishes had even disappeared and I am so excited to see how my skin changes after I use it for a week. It comes with my highest recommendation. I’m not even sure where I got it from actually, I found it when going through my products but I just searched and you can buy it here online!

7th Heaven Facemasks

argan_oil_mud-yl-7argan-a1_1Montagne Jeunesse who make 7th heaven facemasks have been around for 30 years now! I used to use them when I was back in London so I was really excited when they finally began stocking them on these sandy shores.

I tried loads of different ones but my favourite was the Argan Oil Mud Mask. It was the one where I felt the most dramatic difference before and after and my skin was literally glowing. I also really liked a couple of the peel off masks, the Manuka Honey was great. I liked the black seaweed too but I felt it was a little too mild, I generally like quite potent masks which is probably why I enjoyed the mud mask because my skin was tingling as it dried.

All the products are cruelty free and packed with lots of natural goodness, I can honestly say the peel off masks are the best I have ever tried. I usually hate peel off masks because they always feel like the skin is ripping off your face but these peeled off nicely. I did use the entire sachet so it was a thick layer which helped. You should definitely give them a try and let me know which was your favourite!