Month: June 2016

Olay Regenerist Review

Skincare is such an essential part of our daily routine and prevention is always better then cure which is why I started using anti-ageing products in my 20’s. I never recommend skincare until it is tried and tested for a substantial amount of time. I have been using the micro-sculpting cream for 3 months and […]


Ana Bella Millinery

Ana Pribylova started her millinery business 3 years ago in Australia, her headgear was often at the centre of conversations. Sewing had been passed down her family through the generations and she began mastering her craft since the tender age of seven. Ana was a social worker for 10 years however a few years ago she won […]


My Opinion on the Harambe Incident

Over the course of the week I have seen sooo many articles about Harambe the Gorilla who was killed to save a toddlers life. People are arguing he should have been tranquilised instead, I saw articles about how the childs mother was negligent and she should instead pay for his life. What parent takes their […]