My Opinion on the Harambe Incident

Over the course of the week I have seen sooo many articles about Harambe the Gorilla who was killed to save a toddlers life. People are arguing he should have been tranquilised instead, I saw articles about how the childs mother was negligent and she should instead pay for his life. What parent takes their kid to a zoo and worries that they will end up in a Gorilla enclosure?? Surely a zoo which is marketed to children and families should have precautions to prevent this. For everyone sharing the article about how he shouldnt have been killed because animals are equal, I am sure that if that baby was mauled to death by the Gorilla you would have strong feelings opposing that too.

The thing is …we all have opinions but casting judgements isnt enough to make a change. The truth is that if you really care about Gorillas enough to share 20 articles about this incident you should be fighting to close Zoo’s because in my eyes they are the real problem here. Zoo’s are cruel no matter how big the enclosures and I dont think Harambe loved his caged life as an entertainer. If Harambe was in his natural habitat this incident would have never happened. All those “experts” commenting on whether his behaviour was aggresive or protective are a joke…how can you be an expert on baby and gorilla interaction…its not supposed to happen and there are hundreds of different opinions because they dont know…how can they?!

Gorillas belong in the wild whether they are endangered or not, plenty of wildlife parks manage to have breeding programs where animals can live a happy life. My point is that actions speak louder then words, instead of sharing 20 articles, sign and share one petition, raise money, volunteer or work at a place where you can make a difference for something you believe in!

Here is a petition I signed proposing the Gorillas currently in Cincinnati Zoo are moved to a sanctuary where they have more freedom and space and are bred to be in the wild instead of imprisoned in Zoo’s.



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