St. Pauls Cathedral

I was Instagramming the other day and I came across a beautiful building which was geotagged in London and then I realised it was St. Pauls Cathedral. Being a Londoner its kind of shocking that I have never been, pictures are not allowed inside the building which is why I didn’t recognise it but then I saw a few more so I wondered why so many people had pics inside!

I went on their website to discover they were doing something called “St. Pauls Lates” where photographers were welcome between 6.00-8.30 on the 2nd and 3rd of September to pay £10 admission to see the Cathedral and Crypt and take some snaps (its usually £18) I read this at 5pm on the last day of it and quickly grabbed my cam and jumped on the underground! When I got there the queue was unbelievable…around the block! I saw another entrance on the other side so I went to ask and they let me in! YAAAY! Its so beautiful, here are a few of my snaps:

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