Brazilian Blowout Vs Hair Botox

img_20161017_144913Last week, I went to the JNK Salon to get Hair Botox for the first time. The salon is new and they offer a variety of treatments, they have a hair studio and also do manicures, pedicures, waxing and facials.

They have a small friendly team who are all experts in their fields. I explained that in July, I got a Brazilian Blowout but it had pretty much worn off. My concerns were that the Brazilian Blowout treatment was really harsh, I had to wear a mask and still coughed and my eyes watered for the whole 2 hours of the treatment as the chemicals were so toxic. Afterwards my hair was silky smooth and it naturally dried poker straight with no frizz and I was really happy until I realised how much my hair was breaking.

The hair technician explained that the Hair Botox actually fixes the proteins in the hair by restoring them and it will make my hair shinier and healthier. When I first got the Brazilian Blowout I was so happy with how silky and straight my hair was but maintenance was a bit tricky as you can’t go in chlorinated or saltwater  and you have to wash your hair with sulphate free shampoo, this was really annoying as I was travelling all through summer and  unwilling to sport a swimming cap. When it wore off I decided I would not get it again as although my days were hassle free and I did not have the Monica-effect in the humidity, I realised after a few weeks that it was severely damaged and not worth it just to have good hair days.

The Hair Botox seemed too good to be true, not only was the treatment gentle and smelled really good, it also claimed it would repair my broken and brittle hair. On top of that, you can use any shampoo, go swimming in the sea, dive into the pool and it will not effect the treatment. It lasts the same time as a Brazilian blowout and repeating the treatment before it wears out is recommended as it apparently gives even better results and lasts longer then the first time you have it.

Its been a week since my treatment, I have washed it three times and it is still drying frizz free and feels really soft and silky, it is actually breaking less which has amazed me because it means it has repaired my hair to some degree. In the picture I had tied my hair into a bun when it was wet and when it dried, I let it down and it had waves in it. I love that I still do get that wave in my hair as really my issue was only with the frizz. A blowdry now takes me 10 minutes instead of 40, I could rough dry my hair and it will still look good which is really amazing as before if I rough dried my hair it was a disaster. This is a treatment that I am sure I will be repeating if it lasts 4-6 months as they say. The thing is it is expensive so its only worth it if it lasts, prices start from 2500AED (£500).

If you do get it, make sure you go to a recommended salon, many salons use unlabelled bottles and they buy cheaper products and put them in which is what I think happened in the Nana Doll salon where I got my Brazilian Blowout. I am guilty of thinking that expensive salons are better because they can be trusted to buy good products however that is not always the case. I highly recommend the JNK salon, the staff have years of experience and they use only the best products. It is located in The Golden Tulip Hotel in Al Barsha and they are currently offering 30% off. I had a shellac manicure too which I was really happy with and my mum had a facial which she loved. I will be going back for a facial and I will definitely let you guys know how it was.

For Bookings at the JNK Salon call 04 340 1415 or 056 716 9977, you can follow their instagram @jnksaloon and like their Facebook page here!

Becca Cosmetics Highlighter


Since Becca landed in Dubai earlier this year, you may have heard me raving about it. I have a handful of items that I cannot live without and Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector compact has joined my “can’t live without” list. It is one of those magic products, every SINGLE time I wear it, I get comments on my skin, or people ask what product I’m wearing. The crushed pearls in Becca products blur your imperfections and make your skin look almost airbrushed. I have tried and tested around 40 different highlighters on the market and so far nothing has come close to this one.

The beauty with these highlighters are the colour theory. Many highlighters end up looking too white or too shiny, I personally like natural make-up and that strobe look is a little OTT for me. When someone asks you if you are wearing highlighter or if you are glowing you know the highlighter is working! Becca was founded on a range of complexion products for women of all skin tones. Their years of research have made them experts in shade development. Their shades cover the fairest to the deepest skin tones and you will be sure to find a tone that looks natural on you.

For evenings looks, I love to mix the backlight priming filter with my foundation to give me a luminous base. I finish my makeup by applying the Becca shimmering skin perfector with an angled brush above my cheekbones, down the centre of my nose and in my cupids bow.


The limited edition palette is one of my favourite palettes, I actually went back and bought another before they run out as I know I will be using it a lot! It has two highlighter shades (one being c-pop), two mineral blush shades and one luminous blush shade. You can mix and match to create endless looks and the luminosity makes all the shades look great with any skintone.

You can buy Becca Cosmetics in any Sephora Middle East Outlet’s!

Fish Beach Taverna, Dubai

Since its opening 2 weeks ago, I have already been to Fish Beach Taverna twice, and I am pretty sure you will find me there often. In Dubai its difficult to get excited about things because we are so used to hearing “the tallest building in the world just opened down the road!”, “The biggest shopping mall in the world is almost ready!”, “Have you stayed in an underwater hotel room?”. We are pretty difficult to wow but Fish Beach Taverna wowed me!

The setting is what makes it so beautiful, you feel like you have escaped to a Greek island for the night. The blue and white decor is simple and tasteful and the lanterns, fairy-lights and candle lit tables on the beach add a touch of magic. There is no other beach restaurant in Dubai that makes the setting quite as paradisaical as Fish Beach Taverna. Whether its for a romantic date or a girly get together, the venue is faultless and it has that beach chic casual vibe unlike most beach restaurants here which are just pretentious.

The menu is inspired by Turkey, Fish Beach Taverna has a team of fishermen in Turkey and  experienced Turkish Chefs who are dedicated to serving the freshest wild, cold water fish from the Aegean Sea, the Black Sea, and the Marmara Sea. You can taste how fresh it is and the simple but beautiful ingredients give it that taste of the Mediterranean. I enjoyed the homeliness of the place, the servers were so friendly and going for a sunset meal there is unrivalled.

Dishes range from 40 AED for appetisers, to 160 AED for mains which is pretty good value for the authentic food and beautiful beach-side dining experience. They are often fully booked weeks in advance, so make sure you call ahead of time to secure your seat. You can get their details here.

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Lipstick Queen


Get kissed by the moon and travel to intergalactic gorgeousness with Ice Queen, a shimmering white lipstick flecked with silver and gold; perfect for adding to your Halloween look.

This cool icy shade will tint your lips a sparkly and transparent snowy white, bringing an ethereal beauty to your look, and yet is still transparent enough to allow the natural pink of your lips to shine through. Enhanced with ultra-flattering shimmer particles that catch the light to create an ice cool look, Ice Queen will leave your lips feeling sleek, magical and modern whilst anti-oxidant Vitamin E and nourishing oils will ensure they remain comfortable, soft and super hydrated.

This lipstick can also be worn over Lipstick Queen’s Sinner in Berry for a stunning sheen and on top of other darker colours including the Bete Noire range of dark hues.

Lipstick Queen is available in Dubai from Bloomingdales, Harvey Nichols, Areej and Paris Gallery branches in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, or online at


Nip+Fab anti-acne products

In Dubai’s desert heat, our pores open when we step outside causing dust and sand to sit on our skin. Going back in the AC causes our pores to close again and those dust particles get trapped inside leading to breakouts. Although we all suffer from breakouts from time to time, fighting acne is never easy.

Nip+Fab’s hydrating and anti-acne products contain gentle ingredients that do not strip the skin of essential oils and moisture. From a hydrating cleansing cream and pads to a gentle and exfoliating serum and mask, these products help to keep your break outs under control and promise to leave you with glowing and blemish free skin.

Deep Cleansing Fix (AED 69):

A multi-purpose cleansing cream that is equipped to remove make-up, banish blemishes and purify skin. Ingredients include tea tree oil, which has natural anti-bacterial properties and penetrates deep into the skin to unblock and disinfect pores. The luxurious creamy formula of the cleanser leaves your skin feeling nourished and supple.

Glycolic Fix Pads (AED 99):

Touted to be one of the favorite products of Kylie Jenner and Mario Dedivanovic, these cleansing pads are perfect for surface exfoliation and reducing the appearance of acne scarring. Soaked in glycolic acid, these pads help control oiliness and keep pores clean for longer. While ingredients such as hyaluronic acid help to maintain hydration levels of the skin, others such as blue daisy extracts help in calming and soothing skin that is stressed out by acne.

Dragons Blood Fix Mask (AED 119):

A re-hydrating gel mask that prevents skin dryness through its unique Dragon Blood formula and other skin perfecting complexes. When applied, the mask in itself forms a second skin like barrier and helps in soothing and moisturizing dry skin and in reducing redness. Also perfect for those with combination skin issues, as the hyaluronic acid helps with not only hydration, but also balancing skin’s pH levels.

 Glycolic Fix Serum (AED 109):

An overnight serum that contains a high concentration of glycolic acid that helps in exfoliation and decongestion of pores, thereby preventing breakouts from occurring. Aloe Vera contained in the product helps in calming acne prone skin and facilitates faster fading of blemishes. The product is also designed with an innovative pore-refining ingredient called PoreAway, which helps in improving skin’s texture and reduces the appearance of enlarged pores.

You can find Nip+Fab products in Spinney’s, Waitrose,, Basharacare and Beauty Solutions.

Sea-Me Restaurant, W Dubai


The W-Hotel has landed in Dubai and we went down to try the new seafood restaurant called Sea-Me. It is a buffet style restaurant with the biggest spread of seafood that I have ever seen! Oyster Bar, Lobsters on ice, Scallops galore and the most delectable seafood Paella! 


We began at the oyster bar with ceviche which is all served on a conveyor belt so it keeps coming! There is a pink coloured ceviche which was to die for, it was marinated in passion fruit juice and the combination was incredible, flavours I had never imagined together but they were perfect

I did try an oyster and the salsa they drizzle on is tasty but I am just not an oyster person, I don’t like the texture. There are some beautiful canapes in the fridge which were all delicious but my favourite were the scallops and salmon with caviar.

For mains we went to the cold food bar which had lobster, crab and various prawns. The king prawns and lobster with apple chunks were my favourite. It was all extremely fresh and chilled in ice. Then we went over to the hot food and tried the Paella and Lobster rice, the Lobster rice reminded me of one of my grandmas dishes, it was so comforting and homely. At the live cooking station I tried the fresh scallops, red mullet and red snapper, the snapper was under-seasoned and the red mullet was over cooked but the scallops were cooked to perfection.

The desserts were divine! The choux pastry puffs with chocolate were my favourite, they were like an explosion of happiness in your mouth and the ice cream station is fun as you can add your own toppings. The rest of the desserts weren’t amazing but that probably had something to do with the fact that I was bursting at the seams.

The buffet is priced at 295 and drinks are billed separately, I would 100% go back, it is hands down the best selection of seafood I have ever seen in Dubai and well worth your money!

City Of Gold Dubai

One of our favourite events of the season is coming back and we cannot wait!!! Sole DXB is on the 18th and 19th of November in D3. It brings together a very cool crowd fusing together footwear, fashion and lifestyle with live music and great food. Checkout their awesome City of Gold Video:

Last week I managed to get water in my phone and the screen eventually faded to black 😦 I literally replaced my screen two weeks ago in London because it had smashed and it cost me £140 (650AED)! I wanted to do it on the cheap as I will be getting a new phone soon I just needed to access the data on it so I called some of those little electronic shops in Bur Dubai for a screen quotation and they all said it would be around 650AED which is the same price. I don’t drive so by the time I get a taxi there and back it will cost me 750/800.

I Googled places nearby and found that there is this amazing repair service called Geeks!! They collect your device, fix it in 1-2 working days and bring it back. To top it all off the screens are genuine and come with a 2 year warranty (which you can never guarantee in those little shops in Bur Dubai). They quoted 680 so it was a bit more but well worth it!

I got my phone back and it was fine but after a few days it started flashing and then it would go black…uh oh!! I called the Geeks to tell them and they picked it up straight away and replaced it again and got it back to me within a day!

They have such a fast and reliable service which is so convenient as you literally don’t have to leave your house, I highly recommend them 🙂