Last week I managed to get water in my phone and the screen eventually faded to black 😦 I literally replaced my screen two weeks ago in London because it had smashed and it cost me £140 (650AED)! I wanted to do it on the cheap as I will be getting a new phone soon I just needed to access the data on it so I called some of those little electronic shops in Bur Dubai for a screen quotation and they all said it would be around 650AED which is the same price. I don’t drive so by the time I get a taxi there and back it will cost me 750/800.

I Googled places nearby and found that there is this amazing repair service called Geeks!! They collect your device, fix it in 1-2 working days and bring it back. To top it all off the screens are genuine and come with a 2 year warranty (which you can never guarantee in those little shops in Bur Dubai). They quoted 680 so it was a bit more but well worth it!

I got my phone back and it was fine but after a few days it started flashing and then it would go black…uh oh!! I called the Geeks to tell them and they picked it up straight away and replaced it again and got it back to me within a day!

They have such a fast and reliable service which is so convenient as you literally don’t have to leave your house, I highly recommend them 🙂

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