Brazilian Blowout Vs Hair Botox

img_20161017_144913Last week, I went to the JNK Salon to get Hair Botox for the first time. The salon is new and they offer a variety of treatments, they have a hair studio and also do manicures, pedicures, waxing and facials.

They have a small friendly team who are all experts in their fields. I explained that in July, I got a Brazilian Blowout but it had pretty much worn off. My concerns were that the Brazilian Blowout treatment was really harsh, I had to wear a mask and still coughed and my eyes watered for the whole 2 hours of the treatment as the chemicals were so toxic. Afterwards my hair was silky smooth and it naturally dried poker straight with no frizz and I was really happy until I realised how much my hair was breaking.

The hair technician explained that the Hair Botox actually fixes the proteins in the hair by restoring them and it will make my hair shinier and healthier. When I first got the Brazilian Blowout I was so happy with how silky and straight my hair was but maintenance was a bit tricky as you can’t go in chlorinated or saltwater  and you have to wash your hair with sulphate free shampoo, this was really annoying as I was travelling all through summer and  unwilling to sport a swimming cap. When it wore off I decided I would not get it again as although my days were hassle free and I did not have the Monica-effect in the humidity, I realised after a few weeks that it was severely damaged and not worth it just to have good hair days.

The Hair Botox seemed too good to be true, not only was the treatment gentle and smelled really good, it also claimed it would repair my broken and brittle hair. On top of that, you can use any shampoo, go swimming in the sea, dive into the pool and it will not effect the treatment. It lasts the same time as a Brazilian blowout and repeating the treatment before it wears out is recommended as it apparently gives even better results and lasts longer then the first time you have it.

Its been a week since my treatment, I have washed it three times and it is still drying frizz free and feels really soft and silky, it is actually breaking less which has amazed me because it means it has repaired my hair to some degree. In the picture I had tied my hair into a bun when it was wet and when it dried, I let it down and it had waves in it. I love that I still do get that wave in my hair as really my issue was only with the frizz. A blowdry now takes me 10 minutes instead of 40, I could rough dry my hair and it will still look good which is really amazing as before if I rough dried my hair it was a disaster. This is a treatment that I am sure I will be repeating if it lasts 4-6 months as they say. The thing is it is expensive so its only worth it if it lasts, prices start from 2500AED (£500).

If you do get it, make sure you go to a recommended salon, many salons use unlabelled bottles and they buy cheaper products and put them in which is what I think happened in the Nana Doll salon where I got my Brazilian Blowout. I am guilty of thinking that expensive salons are better because they can be trusted to buy good products however that is not always the case. I highly recommend the JNK salon, the staff have years of experience and they use only the best products. It is located in The Golden Tulip Hotel in Al Barsha and they are currently offering 30% off. I had a shellac manicure too which I was really happy with and my mum had a facial which she loved. I will be going back for a facial and I will definitely let you guys know how it was.

For Bookings at the JNK Salon call 04 340 1415 or 056 716 9977, you can follow their instagram @jnksaloon and like their Facebook page here!

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