Herbal Essentials Moisturising Body Lotion

Herbal Essentials Moisturising Body LotionHerbal Essentials source many of their ingredients from the Himalayas. Their Moisturising Body lotion is perfect for normal skin. It has a very light formula that isn’t quite rich enough for dry skin. It has a very light formula composed of Aloe Vera, Honey and Shea Butter. I like to use it after sunbathing or even waxing as it is very cooling and soothing. It leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth and I like the non-sticky formula.

If your skin is more prone to being dry, I recommend using it after the shower by massaging it into damp skin which absorbs more moisture! The Moisturising Body Lotion is priced at 99 AED, if you have dry skin you will get through it pretty fast as it absorbs quickly into the skin however you do half the work rubbing it in as it really does have an amazing texture. Using it on damp skin will make the product go further!

It is sulphate and soap-free making it perfect for sensitive skin and generally better for everyone! Often we don’t realise how harmful things we use can be but Herbal Essentials is one of the few truly green brands that I trust.

You can find the products in Dubai at the newly launched counter in Mercato or simply visit their website for delivery!

Bioderma Sensibio Gel Moussant


BIODERMA Launches Sensibio Gel moussant in the UAE!

I am an advocate for BiodermasBioderma Sensibio Gel Moussant Sensibio H2O micellar water and was so pleased to learn they have added a new product to the range.

Is this product for you?

This product is specially designed for sensitive skin. More then 50% of you ladies have sensitive skin which means your skin is vulnerable and can be easily aggravated by sun, wind, pollution and stress. You may suffer from stinging, flushing or blotching and therefore you should use products that will keep your skin protected.

Benefits of using Sensibio Gel Moussant:

When used regularly, Sensibio Gel moussant works to support sensitive skin that is usually less resistant when it comes to irritants. Sensibio’s ingredients enhances the skins natural biology and increases the hydration rate by over 77%. It contains natural ingredients and is free of soap, fragrance, parabens, and colourants, to help relieve irritation and discomfort of the skin. The product is also hypoallergenic with a physiological pH and is non-comedogenic to avoid aggravating sensitive skin.

How to Use Sensibio Gel Moussant:

It should be used every morning and night by wetting the face and then applying with the fingertips until it is worked into a foam. I use mine with my Clarisonic however you can apply it with whatever technique you usually use. You should spend a few minutes massaging it on your face and then rinse off the foam with clean water. For a deeper clean, follow up with wiping the skin with Micellar water.

I love the product! It removed a full face of makeup quite easily and left my skin feeling squeaky clean but hydrated at same time. Just like the micellar water it amazed me that something so gentle can remove all of my makeup so easily.

The product will be available from January in all leading pharmacies in the UAE priced at 99dhs!


J.Cole’s New Album – 4 Your Eyez Only

After making us wait two years, the anticipation is finally over for J. Cole’s new album 4 Your Eyez Only

J. Cole drops two new singles ahead of his eagerly awaited album. He talks some science on One Day Everyone Gotta Die, calling out Lil Wayne or as he puts it “Lil Whatever”. He is almost saying he’s not even a real rapper and that he’s bored of old rappers being the gate keepers of the game and for them to chill out.

False prophets is digging at Kanye about him having fallen and not being the rapper that he once was. He insinuates that he may have had a ghost writer which is controversial but I see where hes coming from after the recent stuff about him in the press. It’s clear that he’s out to send a message to all rappers. Talking about people having certain traits/complexes and how they have slipped to reveal their true colours. Unfortunately these two tracks are not on J.Cole’s new album.

Anyone that has ever listened to his work knows that J Cole can rap. 4 Your Eyez Only is yet another affirmation of his talent. Infectious beats with a killer smooth flow. Changes is a great example of this. The only real change comes from inside, everyone that looks inwards can relate to this, its one of my favourites. Neighbours tells the tale of being raided allegedly by a Swat team while recording this album, apparently they thought J Cole was selling dope.
Deja Vu samples KP & Envy’s Swing My Way, it sounds uncannily like the late Tupac on the hook.

This whole album feels like a personal entry into a journal. He has definitely let you in to his personal space, talking a lot about mortality throughout. Will this album play easy and be appreciated by hip hop fans? Yes! But I’m struggling to find tracks off it that will bang in a club. 4 Your Eyez Only is a winner to me. If you like thought provoking hip hop and not your generic “I got this much money rubbish” out there then you will appreciate J Cole’s new album.

Buy J. Cole’s new album, 4 Your Eyez Only here

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Sahara Grill, Dubai

Sahara Grill opened its first branch in the UAE earlier this year. The steak house is famed for serving the first halal steak in the UK. They opened three branches there which initially had a wait time of an hour for a table. They pair expert chefs with grade A quality cuts of meat. What more could a meat lover want?

The Sahara Grill is located directly opposite the Jumeirah Beach Hotel in The Mall. The balcony seating offers stunning views of the hotel and also of the Burj Al Arab. The modern decor is simple and classy, it has a very inviting environment.

For starters we had the Sahara prawns and buffalo wings, both were good choices. The prawns were golden brown and crunchy, they were doused in the delicious signature sauce. The chicken wings were also good, succulent and tangy with a little kick. We also had a Greek salad which was good, a nice refreshing accompaniment.

For mains we went with the signature Sahara Lamb Chops, the lamb is from New Zealand and they were rubbed in Sahara’s secret spice mix. If you like spicy food, you will love them! They come served on a sizzling platter with grilled onions. We also had a Rib-Eye steak also seasoned with the same spice mix. It was really tasty and the meat was tender and marinated through. The steak was not as spicy as the chops, we tried all of the sauces and they were all yummy. The Sahara picante is tangy and spicy and the pepper sauce was great with the steak.

We were stuffed but decided to share a dessert, we had the plain cheesecake flown in from Italy and it really was divine.

I will certainly be going back, I think I would order exactly the same again, I couldn’t fault it! The prices are also very reasonable, the chops are just 69 AED and the steak was 149 AED. If you are a meat lover and have not yet been to Sahara Grill at The Mall, check it out!

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Mr Toad’s Pub & Kitchen

Mr Toads Pub and KitchenMr Toads Pub and Kitchen

I had been hearing lots about Mr Toad’s Pub and Kitchen but had not yet been. They just opened four branches in Dubai; DIP, Ibn Batuta, Garhoud and Silicon Oasis all at the Premier Inn.

Mr Toads is exactly what was needed in Dubai, I find that there are so many pubs here that are just too old fashioned or overpriced. There needed to be one that was traditional while being modern and affordable… well it has finally arrived!

Mr Toad’s pub and Kitchen has a traditional menu of good old pub grub. They have lovely simple but inviting decor and a lively atmosphere. It’s a very chilled pub, not pretentious at all and reminds you of your local at home.

I went to try Mr Toad’s pub and kitchen’s festive treats! The selection is small but curated well. I am not usually a Turkey fan however after trying theirs I have become a Turkey lover! I have never liked it because its usually dry and pretty bland but this was well seasoned and juicy. The accompaniments were also delicious -apricot and sage stuffing, chicks in blankets, honey glazed root veggies and a delicious gravy. I also loved the Barley Risotto, its so deliciously creamy and quite rich so probably best to share it. For a sweet ending try the Black Cherry Creme Brulee!

The Festive menu is priced between 35-95dhs, very affordable and great ambience. Try to go on one of their quiz nights on Wednesday for even more fun. They have themed nights almost every day of the week, they do a ladies night on Tuesday where ladies receive a free main course when they purchase a drink. Monday’s are pretty much happy hour all day with free wine and 50% off all food!

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Dusty’s Lazy Saturday Brunch


Dusty’s Dubai has recently launched its Dusty’s Lazy Saturday Brunch. If your looking for a super chilled brunch with live music and a delicious a la carte menu then Dusty’s is what you need. Most brunches in Dubai are from a buffet and a bit too messy with the focus being on drinks rather then good food but Dusty’s lazy Saturday Brunch is a really nice one to end your weekend. You don’t have to stand in queues to get your food, you can just enjoy the entertainment while it is brought to your table.

Dusty’s Lazy Saturday Brunch is family friendly with a dedicated kids area. The best part is that kids eat free! The live musicians are amazing and they perform around your tables while you dine. The location is beautiful, a little piece of tranquillity in the heart of DIFC. As you sit on the wooden decking you are surrounded by pretty water features. There is no dress code, in fact the waiters are all in their pyjamas so you can dress comfortably with no judgement.

The menu has a good range of options. I love the lobster taco’s, the crispy taco shell is filled with fresh lobster, mango, avocado and coriander and served with fresh guacamole. The Rib-eye steak is delicious for mains as is the creamy mushroom pasta. You must try the truffle fries with parmesan, they are to die for! The dessert candy station is amazing and has a huge choice of ice creams, brownie lollipops, fondue with fruit and marshmallows and plenty of other little treats. The french toast is amazing, crispy, sweet and delicious, I would definitely get it again.

The brunch costs 299AED and is well worth it, I cannot fault the food, it was delicious! My only tip would be to have a snack before-hand as we showed up ravenous and the service can be a little slow.

<a href=”https://www.zomato.com/dubai/dustys-difc&#8221; title=”View Menu, Reviews, Photos & Information about Dusty’s, DIFC and other Restaurants in Dubai” target=”_blank” ><img alt=”Dusty's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info – Zomato” src=”https://www.zomato.com/logo/209857/biglink&#8221; style=”border:none;width:200px;height:146px;padding:0;” /></a>

Talents List

A new platform for entertainers has landed in Dubai and we love it! Talents List is a directory which anyone can sign up to. If you are a singer, dancer, musician, photographer, model, MUA, hairstylist etc, then you can create your profile. Your profile has links to samples of your work, be it songs or your modelling portfolio. It gives creatives a space where their talents can be discovered by event organisers in the region who are looking for talent. You can input your hourly rate or simply negotiate this once you are approached by a potential client.

Even if you are looking for a little promo work over the holidays to get a bit of extra cash, Talents List is your answer. With most temporary jobs here, the big issue is getting paid on time but Talents List ensures your payment is released on completion of the job! You can also earn commission by suggesting the platform to people, every time they go with your recommendation, you will receive a payment!

It is also a wonderful tool for clients who are booking talent, PR agencies, events agencies and talent agents. Rather then the hassle of meeting with and briefing agencies, they can search directly for the talent they are looking for. They can go through artist portfolios and see work samples and book them at the click of a button. The platform is very easy to use and allows you to search with various filters such as talent and location. Talents List holds cash in escrow until the work is completed to a satisfactory level. We love it and will definitely be using it to talent scout.

What are you waiting for? If you are a performer or creative or need to book talent for events then you can sign up here!

The Best Roast Dinner In Dubai

After 12 long years…my search is finally over for the best roast dinner in Dubai! I have searched high and low and far and wide. I have eaten a lot of cardboard-like Yorkshire puddings, a lot of under-seasoned meat and too many soggy vegetables. There was not one single roast that I could recommend other then carvery stands at brunches. Where can people go when they just want a quiet roast at the weekend?

The Scene

The Scene is delightfully located along the Marina at Pier 7, the views are to die for and the decor and ambience is lovely. They were playing amazing old Christmas tunes while I was digging into the best roast dinner in Dubai. Seriously it felt like Christmas! You have a choice of chicken, lamb, beef or a veggie option for the roast. I opted for lamb which was probably the best food choice I have made in a while.

The Best Roast Dinner in Dubai

It was cooked so well, the lamb just melted in your mouth and the salty gravy paired with the sweet mint sauce was everything I wanted and more. It tasted exactly like my mums roast dinner!! I know she will hate me for saying that but I now have a solution for when I miss her food. The Yorkshire pudding was crunchy with a medium soft centre, exactly how it should be, I am so over the soggy bottoms that I have been subjected to lately.

The veggies were cooked perfectly, soft with a slight crunch. There was some yummy gooey cheese covered veggies and I have a new found love for red cabbage! I left the sweet potato mash, it wasn’t bad but I just found it too sweet with the saltiness of the dish and I had my dose of delicious gooeyness. The cabbage and mint were a beautifully balanced level of sweetness for me and perfect accompaniments. The Roast Potatoes were good too but if I had to pick a fault it would be that they didn’t have enough of a crunch and the middles were a little too firm, I like them a little more cooked and fluffy. I literally should not complain though because I would eat that Roast every weekend if I could!

Before I ate it I felt it was a little on the steep side for a Roast Dinner at 120 AED however after eating it I happily paid that and will definitely be going back to have it again! You can’t put a price on food that tastes like your mums. Paired with the views and service it was well worth it. I am often in Pier 7 but that was my first time at The Scene and I will definitely be going back there to try more of their food. Hit me up with your recommendations!

<a href=”https://www.zomato.com/dubai/the-scene-dubai-marina&#8221; title=”View Menu, Reviews, Photos & Information about The Scene, Dubai Marina and other Restaurants in Dubai” target=”_blank” ><img alt=”The Scene Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info – Zomato” src=”https://www.zomato.com/logo/207842/biglink&#8221; style=”border:none;width:200px;height:146px;padding:0;” /></a>