The Best Roast Dinner In Dubai

After 12 long years…my search is finally over for the best roast dinner in Dubai! I have searched high and low and far and wide. I have eaten a lot of cardboard-like Yorkshire puddings, a lot of under-seasoned meat and too many soggy vegetables. There was not one single roast that I could recommend other then carvery stands at brunches. Where can people go when they just want a quiet roast at the weekend?

The Scene

The Scene is delightfully located along the Marina at Pier 7, the views are to die for and the decor and ambience is lovely. They were playing amazing old Christmas tunes while I was digging into the best roast dinner in Dubai. Seriously it felt like Christmas! You have a choice of chicken, lamb, beef or a veggie option for the roast. I opted for lamb which was probably the best food choice I have made in a while.

The Best Roast Dinner in Dubai

It was cooked so well, the lamb just melted in your mouth and the salty gravy paired with the sweet mint sauce was everything I wanted and more. It tasted exactly like my mums roast dinner!! I know she will hate me for saying that but I now have a solution for when I miss her food. The Yorkshire pudding was crunchy with a medium soft centre, exactly how it should be, I am so over the soggy bottoms that I have been subjected to lately.

The veggies were cooked perfectly, soft with a slight crunch. There was some yummy gooey cheese covered veggies and I have a new found love for red cabbage! I left the sweet potato mash, it wasn’t bad but I just found it too sweet with the saltiness of the dish and I had my dose of delicious gooeyness. The cabbage and mint were a beautifully balanced level of sweetness for me and perfect accompaniments. The Roast Potatoes were good too but if I had to pick a fault it would be that they didn’t have enough of a crunch and the middles were a little too firm, I like them a little more cooked and fluffy. I literally should not complain though because I would eat that Roast every weekend if I could!

Before I ate it I felt it was a little on the steep side for a Roast Dinner at 120 AED however after eating it I happily paid that and will definitely be going back to have it again! You can’t put a price on food that tastes like your mums. Paired with the views and service it was well worth it. I am often in Pier 7 but that was my first time at The Scene and I will definitely be going back there to try more of their food. Hit me up with your recommendations!

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