Talents List

A new platform for entertainers has landed in Dubai and we love it! Talents List is a directory which anyone can sign up to. If you are a singer, dancer, musician, photographer, model, MUA, hairstylist etc, then you can create your profile. Your profile has links to samples of your work, be it songs or your modelling portfolio. It gives creatives a space where their talents can be discovered by event organisers in the region who are looking for talent. You can input your hourly rate or simply negotiate this once you are approached by a potential client.

Even if you are looking for a little promo work over the holidays to get a bit of extra cash, Talents List is your answer. With most temporary jobs here, the big issue is getting paid on time but Talents List ensures your payment is released on completion of the job! You can also earn commission by suggesting the platform to people, every time they go with your recommendation, you will receive a payment!

It is also a wonderful tool for clients who are booking talent, PR agencies, events agencies and talent agents. Rather then the hassle of meeting with and briefing agencies, they can search directly for the talent they are looking for. They can go through artist portfolios and see work samples and book them at the click of a button. The platform is very easy to use and allows you to search with various filters such as talent and location. Talents List holds cash in escrow until the work is completed to a satisfactory level. We love it and will definitely be using it to talent scout.

What are you waiting for? If you are a performer or creative or need to book talent for events then you can sign up here!

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