Sampha – Process Album Review

You’ve probably heard Sampha playing somewhere. Maybe on the radio in the car, background music in a shop or simply someone talking about him. You may have mentioned it to a friend “oh have you heard that guy? You know that voice, smoking, gives you goosebumps?” Well its his time to shine in his own right.

Having released two EPs first 2010 Sundanza Second 2013 Dual, this is his debut album Process. This singer, songwriter and producer is doing some brilliant stuff for the Electronic & Soul genres.

The first time I heard of Sampha was on Drakes Too much, it kept me wanting more. He has definitely delivered with this album. No one knows me is a beautiful example of his raw talent. You can hear and feel just what he means word for word. The piano riffs are so soothing and then the incredible vocal on top. This is likely to be the best song you’ll hear this year. Simply wow!

Blood On Me was the first song off this album being played on the radio which I loved straight away. It displays the versatility in the vocal chords. Powerful and engaging along with the silky smooth style which he absolutely owns. Even without the vocals, the melodies and instruments can almost put you in a meditative state. Especially on What Shouldn’t I Be, he gets you thinking deeply and reflecting on yourself.

Sampha Sisay has worked with the likes of Drake, Solange and Jessie Ware. He is a superstar in the making. Been waiting for him to drop an album and this doesn’t disappoint. Hailing from Morden South London, the 27 year old seems to put so much raw emotion into his vocals.

I can only describe his amazing voice as husky and fragile but this guy makes it so individual, unique and captivating. I would go as far as saying ‘Sexy’. You get swallowed up by the sound into another dimension. If your looking to lose yourself in an album, this is the one. Showcasing what the UK sound is bringing to the world stage. Magical and gorgeous!

7 thoughts on “Sampha – Process Album Review

  1. Agree with this review a lot. I really love how we are now getting to see Sampha on his own and not on a feature. Hands down, my favorite track on it is Timmy’s Prayer. What’s your favorite on it?

    • Thanks for taking the time out to comment. I do like “Timmys Prayer” but i think my absolute favourite has to be “(No One Knows Me) Like The Piano”. It’s the depth of the emotion and the simplicity of the track which is so captivating.

  2. So stoked on this album. Agreed that Blood On Me is the standout. Do you think this will end up being one of the top albums of 2017?

    • Im really hoping that it is. It has the making of being a great success. Such a great raw talent, it would be a tragedy if it didn’t. Either way i think he is set for big things! I have the pleasure of seeing him in concert next month too. Its on Mothers Day. Sure my mum will understand… Cant wait. Thanks for the comment.

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