Nungwi Beach, Zanzibar


It was my fifth trip to Zanzibar and the beaches always leave me awestruck with their crystal clear turquoise waters and powder white sand. Kiwengwa which is where I stayed last time, has been my favourite beach so far but Nungwi is also beautiful.

Nungwi is less touristy and if you walk through the village you will get a sense of local life there. You will find fisherman making nets, Cows grazing, children playing football on the beach and women cooking on fires outside their houses. The beaches are stunning but just not as well maintained in areas, often you see unsightly piles of rubbish.

I stayed at the Kajibange Bar and Guesthouse and highly recommend it if you want a chilled vibe. It is not a plush or pretentious resort, but instead a super relaxed environment. It captured my beach vibe perfectly, it had hammocks and casual dining options on the beach and the rooms were thatched huts constructed amongst wild palm trees. The rooms were really spacious however I did not get hot water despite them saying its hot 24/7. A cold shower is a great way to end a hot beach day though so I wasn’t complaining.

Food in Zanzibar is divine! Octopus and Calamari are the most popular dishes, I enjoyed them as well as the fresh fish. If your not a seafood lover you will have quite limited options however there are options nonetheless! The resort I stayed at had good food and if you walk down Nungwi beach there are plenty of resorts where you can stop to dine. Gerry’s beach bar just opened next door to Kajibange and if you keep walking that way then you will eventually come to A beach bar called Cholo’s which is nice for a night out.

Coastal Zanzibar is definitely worth exploring if you love beaches, the Blue Safari was a real highlight for me and I highly recommend going if you get the chance. You get the chance to see whales and dolphins and go snorkling in crystal clear waters teeming with sealife! I also recommend tearing yourself away from the beach for a day to go and explore the melting pot that is Stone Town.

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