Waka Dubai

Waka Dubai

Waka DubaiWaka Dubai

Waka Dubai
As we entered we were warmly greeted by the staff and our waiter came over shortly to explain the ladies night deal at Waka Dubai which was 3 free drinks and 50% off food! He asked us if he should explain the menu and we asked him some questions which he was well equipped to answer.Most of my friends know I lived in Peru and loved the cuisine so I always get told about any new Peruvian joints in town. I had heard a lot about Waka Dubai before I had the chance to go. All good things so expectations were very high!

We ordered a Chimera Ceviche and the mushroom ceviche to start. They both came presented totally different to any ceviche I had ever had. The seafood ceviche had a tigre de leche foam underneath which the seafood was in. The foam was adorned with flowers and garnishes and was impressive to look at. Had the waiter not explained that the ceviche should be poured into the bowl and eaten with a spoon as it is particularly juicy, I would have probably said that it had a bit too much juice. The taste was divine though, zesty, infused with herbs and onions and the seafood melted in your mouth just as a ceviche should.

The mushroom ceviche had a totally different consistency, it was more dry served with pureed sauces and it was also delicious. The table voted the mushroom ceviche the better dish of the 2 starters although I preferred the traditional flavours in the seafood ceviche and the fact that it was different.

For mains we had Lamb chops, Salmon altitude and Roasted baby chicken. The plates at Waka Dubai were so beautifully presented! The lamb chops were jewelled with flowers and served with spicy pickles which was actually just a bowl full of chillies! The chops were divine and I would get them again but I would request they add something to the chillies to make it more of a relish/pickle as it was too hot to eat it all. The salmon was by far the best looking plate, if you love salmon you can’t go wrong! It was crusted with quinoa and had beautiful ricoto and cauliflour puree to accompany it. The baby chicken came served on a grill and was a pretty simple dish. Nice but I would not order it again, more for the unadventurous diner as it was just chicken and roasties and there are far more interesting flavours on the menu.

We had the cheesecake for dessert which was absolutely delicious and looked so pretty you wouldn’t wanna destroy it…but we did! The ambience was fab, they were playing old-school R&B music and the cool blue tones just gave the place a great vibe. The service really was impecabble, the attentive staff really want you to have the perfect experience and I couldn’t fault it. I want to try so many more dishes and have already booked to go back to Waka Dubai next week.

Waka Dubai is located in the Oberoi Hotel in Business Bay and definitely a place I will be frequenting often! You can check out their menu here and make reservations by calling  +9714 444 1455 / +971 54 445 4792.

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