Iftar at Weslodge Saloon Dubai

We were lucky enough to preview Weslodge Saloon’s delicious iftar menu and it was worth writing home about! This North American venue has a great iftar menu for the meat-lovers out there!


Weslodge Saloon is usually a North America style party destination so I was not expecting a very traditional iftar, therefore when I received a lentil soup with a side of hummus, I was pleasantly surprised! The soup was actually gigantic and though it was delicious, after glancing at the rather hearty menu I stopped myself when I reached a quarter of the way through.

I was saving myself for the ribs, chicken and salad that were yet to come for starters! The honey drizzled chicken is pretty well known and it didn’t disappoint. Super crunchy and salty with a sticky coating of honey, it won me over and the lamb ribs and salad were pretty good too. I was quite happy with them all but again had a small taster of each as mains included steak, fish and more ribs!



The steak was quite disappointing, undercooked for medium and the lemony sauce just didn’t work for me but lets talk about those melt-in-your-mouth ribs! Now they were what you imagine when you picture a great North American Diner, they could have added a barbecue sauce on the side but they were slow-cooked to perfection and the meat fell off the bone. The fish was nice too, again everything was huge portions and I think it should be for a minimum of 4 people as 3 of us did not even get half way through any course. I hate to see wastage and especially in Ramadan so they should definitely start a fridge initiative for leftovers or just downsize.

I loved that they brought round the hummus and dates first as many places make you wait until they serve starters and this would keep you going till then. With the best yet to come, we were served Weslodge’s most requested double down hazelnut brownie or the scrumptious maple brulee; a with blueberry sorbet coupled with maple tossed blueberries – both were a delicious end to a great meal! I was happy overall and would definitely recommend this to someone looking for an indulgent iftar.

Iftar Set Menu

Date & Time: Daily during Ramadan from

Price: AED 235 per person

Too Faced Chocolate Gold Palette

20180330_122827-01196872040.jpegSince getting my hands on this Too Faced Chocolate Gold Palette I have been obsessed with it. I love the colour selection and combination of matte and metallic eye shadows! The metallics are super sparkly as they have actually been infused with real gold! Not only that but they smell delicious as they are made with cocoa powder and smell good enough to eat.

I love pairing the metallics with the mattes, I recently took this palette on holiday for two weeks and was able to create a range of day and night looks, I have featured a look I created when attending a wedding above. There are great neutral shades and also a few colours and smoky shades. There are some great transition colours too. My tip would be to spray your brush with a little fixing spray and dab on the metallic for a super shiny finish.

Too faced eyeshadows are highly pigmented and blend beautifully, this is my favourite palette of this year!

The palette is available in Sephora Middle East!
AED 269 /SAR 274 /QAR 269 /KWD 22 /BHD 27