Medina Candle Massage, Tips and Toes

I tried the new Medina Candle Massage available at the Al Barsha brsnch of Tips & Toes. I have only ever been to their smaller branches and was surprised that they have such a huge one in Barsha which includes a nail studio, hair and waxing salon as well as a spa!

The spa was beautiful, it was candle lit and had a lovely relaxation area for before and after treatments. The therapist came to explain what the treatment entails and find out what pressure massage I wanted.

The candle was lit which would be used for the treatment. It was made with shea butter and oudh and smelt delicious. As the candle burned the butter melted which she poured and massaged into my skin. It was not hot like a normal candle, just warm and the oudh aroma was beautiful.

The massage was really relaxing and included the back, legs and feet and the cost is 266 AED including tax. I would definitely recommend it and would go back, it was a really luxurious treatment and I felt like a goddess being bathed in oudh oil 😜

This serene new treatment aims to relax the mind & body with the use of warm candle oils for the ultimate aromatherapy experience and is available only at the Barsha branch of Tips & Toes.

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