El Sur Siesta Brunch

El Sur is a Spanish Restaurant located in The Westin Mina Seyahi. They have a traditional Spanish menu in a contemporary venue overlooking the stunning Arabian Gulf. The newly launched brunch is priced at just 265AED including a set menu and unlimited house beverages and sangria.

To Start…

We were served a delicious array of authentic Spanish Tapas dishes which included Padron peppers with bread, Croquettes, Cold cuts and Patatas Bravas. Everything was delicious and I love the Tapas sharing style, the four of us devoured this course. The peppers were salty and moorish paired with the tomato sauce and bread. The Croquettes were crispy and had a delicious bite to them as they oozed with a cheesy filling. The potatoes were really cute, tiny whole potatoes seasoned and finished with a tangy relish.

The Main Event

You get a choice of vegetarian, seafood or chicken Paella and we opted for chicken. It was served in the huge plate in which it was cooked and the chef brought it out and mixed it all up for us after scorching the rosemary with a blow torch! The Paella was fine, we all enjoyed but it could have had a better depth of flavour if it had been cooked in a richer broth. We enjoyed the Tapas so much that by the time the Paella came we were quite satisfied already!

To Finish…

We were served Cheesecake with Cinnamon Ice cream and Santiago Cake. Cheesecake is usually one of my favourite desserts but I skipped on the cheesecake for the deliciously fluffy Santiago cake. It was dusted with icing sugar and served with vanilla ice cream which accompanied it perfectly. It was the perfect ending to a great meal! The service was exceptional throughout the meal with very attentive waiters. If your looking for a relaxed affordable brunch with great food in a laid back atmosphere, El Sur Siesta brunch is a great choice!

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