Behind The Screen


At just 10 years old Zohra had her first poem published in a book after winning a competition, scouting the best young writers in the UK. The poetry inspired her song-writing and having been a keen singer since the age of 3 she pursued her singing career. She was offered her first record deal by Sony BMG Dubai in 2008 however after many false promises and interviewing artists as a journalist she was unsure if she belonged in that world. Taking some time out to complete her University degree in Media and Music Management she worked part time as a freelance make-up artist and skincare adviser for various brands such as Givenchy, Chanel, Laura Mercier, Kiehls, Creme De La Mer to name just a few.

Her obsession for make-up grew as did her product knowledge and with her favourite past time being shopping as well as working in the luxury retail industry she was always aware of the latest fashion trends.

“I prefer style over trends, simple timeless key pieces make up my wardrobe but I love a statement trend piece now and then.”

After finishing her degree she was snapped up by an Independent record label in New York. The industry’s dog-eat-dog attitude managed to chew her up but instead of being spit out she decided that all of these experiences are what make her life special Zizzleblog was born to share her adventures with the world.

Zizzle documents her journey through life, you can watch her Music journey unfold while she shares her favourite songs and interviews with inspiring artists. Embark on an adventure as she exposes her crazy globe-trotting stories in the Travel section. Her Fashion and Beauty pages allow you to get the scoop on her inside knowledge and tips. She invites you to read the lessons she learns along the way on the Be Inspired page and she always loves readers to share their inspiring stories with her (

“I believe we all have a voice and I want mine to be a positive one which makes a positive impact. I believe in good vibes which are basically the frequency of positive messages, never be afraid to stand up for what you believe in and never think that your voice won’t be heard. Zizzleblog is my platform to share positive messages and things I love, we can all make a difference if we want to.”

Head to the Make A Difference page to see how you can change things for the better and if you have a cause that you want to scream about, email us to see it featured on Zizzle!

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