Choose Happiness

Always remember that YOUR life is in YOUR hands. YOUR life is a product of YOUR choices so always choose the path that will lead to a happier and more fulfilled life. 

Unbecome Everything that isn’t you!

maybe-the-journey-isntSometimes, great things happen in our lives that were only ever meant to be temporary. In a moment of happiness we decide that it was something meant for us, that the universe is conspiring to pave a path to happiness and success. In a moment of clarity, you realize all the things that were not so perfect, that actually you created this path because you were holding onto that moment of happiness and in fact you have actually fallen off the universe’s path where you could have been much happier. In that moment you realize you actually lost yourself, you convinced yourself that these things were meant for you when in fact it was never what you wanted in the first place. So…maybe the journey isn’t about becoming something, its about unbecoming everything who isn’t you and finding who you were meant to be in the first place!!

Write The Story Of Your Life


I know how I want my story to go, the law of attraction states that you create what you imagine but I feel a little derailed sometimes. Its important to never lose sight of what you want, when we accept a current situation whether that be a job, friends or even a partner, we are handing our pen to someone else. Compromise is important but don’t ever give a part of yourself up for someone, just put your faith and vision out into the universe and and let it unfold. I took the time to retune myself over the weekend and I am pretty excited for the week to unfold,ย let this be a week of change for all of us ๐Ÿ™‚